Publications 2012

Diesch, J.-M.; Drewnick, F.; Klimach, T.; Borrmann, S.;
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Speciation analysis in on-line aerosol mass spectrometry. Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry 404 (8), 2127-2131 (2012-11)
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Dvorská, A.; Komprdova, K.; Lammel, G.; Klánová, J.; Plachá, H.;
Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in background air in central Europe - Seasonal levels and limitations for source apportionment. Atmospheric Environment 46, 147-154 (2012-01)
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Organic Constituents on the Surfaces of Aerosol Particles from Southern Finland, Amazonia, and California Studied by Vibrational Sum Frequency Generation. Journal of Physical Chemistry A 116 (32), 8271-8290 (2012-08-16)
Elbert, W.; Weber, B.; Burrows, S.; Steinkamp, J.; Büdel, B.; Andreae, M. O.; Pöschl, U.;
Contribution of cryptogamic covers to the global cycles of carbon and nitrogen. Nature Geoscience 5 (7), 459-462 (2012-07)
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Elshorbany, Y. F.; Steil, B.; Brühl, C.; Lelieveld, J.;
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Eremets, M. I.; Troyan, I. A.;
High-Pressure metallic Hydrogen Maker. International Journal of Materials Research 103 (1), 136-137 (2012-01)
Faber, P.; Drewnick, F.; Piske, J.; Kurz, T.; Borrmann, S.;
Effects of atmospheric aerosol on the performance of environmentally sustainable passive air-breathing PEM fuel cells. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 37 (22), 17203-17208 (2012-11)
Fachinger, J.;
Das Aerosol-Ionenfallen-Massenspektrometer (AIMS): Aufbau, Charakterisierung und Feldeinsatz. Johannes Gutenberg-Universität, Mainz.
Farnetani, C. G.; Hofmann, A. W.; Class, C.;
How double volcanic chains sample geochemical anomalies from the lowermost mantle. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 359, 240-247 (2012-12-15)
Feurdean, A.; Spessa, A.; Magyari, E. K.; Willis, K. J.; Veres, D.; Hickler, T.;
Trends in biomass burning in the Carpathian region over the last 15,000 years. Quaternary Science Reviews 45, 111-125 (2012-06-29)
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Absorbing aerosols at high relative humidity: linking hygroscopic growth to optical properties. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 12 (12), 5511-5521 (2012)
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