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The Berlin Aging Study II: An overview [Special section]. Gerontology 62 (3), pp. 311 - 362 (2016)
Hackmann, K.; Rump, A.; Haas, S. A.; Lemke, J. R.; Fryns, J. P.; Tzschach, A.; Wieczorek, D.; Albrecht, B.; Kuechler, A.; Ripperger, T. et al.; Kobelt, A.; Oexle, K.; Tinschert, S.; Schrock, E.; Kalscheuer, V. M.; Di Donato, N.: Tentative clinical diagnosis of Lujan-Fryns syndrome-A conglomeration of different genetic entities? American Journal of Medical Genetics Part A 170 (1), pp. 94 - 102 (2016)
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