Publications in Yearbook 2017

Journal Article

Ahmadzadeh, E.; Talebnia, F.; Tabatabaei, M.; Ahmadzadeh, H.; Mostaghaci, B.: Osteoconductive composite graft based on bacterial synthesized hydroxyapatite nanoparticles doped with different ions: From synthesis to in vivo studies. Nanomedicine 12 (5), pp. 1387 - 1395 (2016)
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Akhlaghi, M.; Meka, S. R.; Jägle, E. A.; Kurz, S.; Bischoff, E.; Mittemeijer, E. J.: Formation Mechanisms of Alloying Element Nitrides in Recrystallized and Deformed Ferritic Fe–Cr–Al Alloy. Metallurgical and Materials Transactions a-Physical Metallurgy and Materials Science 47 (9), pp. 4578 - 4593 (2016)
Akhlaghi, M.; Meka, S. R.; Jägle, E. A.; Kurz, S.; Bischoff, E.; Mittemeijer, E. J.: Formation Mechanisms of Alloying Element Nitrides in Recrystallized and Deformed Ferritic Fe-Cr-Al Alloy. Metallurgical and Materials Transactions 47 A (9), pp. 4578 - 4593 (2016)
Alarcon-Correa, M.; Walker, D.; Qiu, T.; Fischer, P.: Nanomotors. The European Physical Journal Special Topics 225 (11), pp. 2241 - 2254 (2016)
Albrecht, J.; Brück, S.; Stahl, C.; Ruoß, S.: Quantitative magneto-optical analysis of the role of finite temperatures on the critical state in YBCO thin films. Superconductor Science and Technology 29 (11), 114002 (2016)
Amjadi, H.; Soltankhah, N.; Shajarisales, N.; Tahvilian, M.: On the spectrum of r-orthogonal Latin squares of different orders. Transactions on Combinatorics 5 (2), pp. 41 - 51 (2016)
Amjadi, M.; Kyung, K.-U.; Park, I.; Sitti, M.: Stretchable, Skin-Mountable, and Wearable Strain Sensors and Their Potential Applications: A Review. Advanced Functional Materials 26 (11), pp. 1678 - 1698 (2016)
Amjadi, M.; Turan, M.; Clementson, C. P.; Sitti, M.: Parallel Microcracks-based Ultrasensitive and Highly Stretchable Strain Sensors. ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 8 (8), pp. 5618 - 5626 (2016)
Amjadi, M.; Sitti, M.: High-Performance Multiresponsive Paper Actuators. ACS Nano 10 (11), pp. 10202 - 10210 (2016)
Arayanarakool, R.; Meyer, A. K.; Helbig, L.; Sanchez, S.; Schmidt, O. G.: Tailoring three-dimensional architectures by rolled-up nanotechnology for mimicking microvasculatures. Lab on a Chip 15 (14), pp. 2981 - 2989 (2016)
Audehm, P.; Schmidt, M.; Brück, S.; Tietze, T.; Gräfe, J.; Macke, S.; Schütz, G.; Goering, E.: Pinned orbital moments - A new contribution to magnetic anisotropy. Scientific Reports (2016)
Babbar, R.; Partalas, I.; Gaussier, E.; Amini, M.; Amblard, C.: Learning Taxonomy Adaptation in Large-scale Classification. Journal of Machine Learning Research 17 (1), pp. 3350 - 3386 (2016)
Balderas-Valadez, R.F.; Agarwal, V.; Pacholski, C.: Fabrication of porous silicon-based optical sensors using metal-assisted chemical etching. RSC Advances (2016)
Banks, D. S.; Tressler, C.; Peters, R. D.; Höfling, F.; Fradin, C.: Characterizing anomalous diffusion in crowded polymer solutions and gels over five decades in time with variable-lengthscale fluorescence correlation spectroscopy. Soft Matter 12 (18), pp. 4190 - 4203 (2016)
Baykal Minsky, B.; Antoni, C.; Böhm, H.: Controlled Immobilization Strategies to Probe Short Hyaluronan-Protein Interactions. Scientific Reports (2016)
Bechinger, C.; Leonardo, R. D.; Löwen, H.; Reichhardt, C.; Volpe, G.; Volpe, G.: Active Particles in Complex and Crowded Environments. Reviews of Modern Physics 88, 045006 (2016)
Belardinelli, D.; Sbragaglia, M.; Gross, M.; Andreotti, B.: Thermal fluctuations of an interface near a contact line. Physical Review E 94 (5), 052803 (2016)
Bianco, V.; Malgaretti, P.: Non-monotonous polymer translocation time across corrugated channels: Comparison between Fick-Jacobs approximation and numerical simulations. The Journal of Chemical Physics 145 (11), 114904 (2016)
Bisig, A.; Akosa, C. A.; Moon, J.-H.; Rhensius, J.; Moutafis, C.; von Bieren, A.; Heidler, J.; Kiliani, G.; Kammerer, M.; Curcic, M. et al.; Weigand, M.; Tyliszczak, T.; Van Waeyenberge, B.; Stoll, H.; Schütz, G.; Lee, K.-J.; Manchon, A.; Kläui, M.: Enhanced non-adiabaticity in vortex cores due to the emergent Hall effect. Physical Review Letters 117 (27), 277203 (2016)
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