Publications 2012

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Antebi, A.;
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Franz, T.; Li, X.;
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Gioti, A.; Wigby, S.; Wertheim, B.; Schuster, E.; Martinez, P.; Pennington, C. J.; Partridge, L.; Chapman, T.;
Sex peptide of Drosophila melanogaster males is a global regulator of reproductive processes in females. Proceedings Biological Sciences / the Royal Society 279, 4423-4432 (2012)
Lee, S.; Sterky, F. H.; Mourier, A.; Terzioglu, M.; Cullheim, S.; Olson, L.; Larsson, N.-G.;
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Neuhaus, B.; Niessen, C. M.; Mesaros, A.; Withers, D. J.; Krieg, T.; Partridge, L.;
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Niccoli, T.; Partridge, L.;
Ageing as a risk factor for disease. Current Biology CB 22, R741-R752 (2012)
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Partridge, L.;
Diet and healthy aging. The New England Journal of Medicine 367, 2550-2551 (2012)
Rogers, I.; Kerr, F.; Martinez, P.; Hardy, J.; Lovestone, S.; Partridge, L.;
Ageing Increases Vulnerability to Aβ42 Toxicity in Drosophila. PLoS ONE 7, (2012)
Schaedel, O.N.; Gerisch, B.; Antebi, A.; Sternberg, P.W.;
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Selman, C.; Partridge, L.;
A double whammy for aging? Rapamycin extends lifespan and inhibits cancer in inbred female mice. Cell Cycle 11, 17-18 (2012)
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