Publications 2020

Journal Article

  1. Finck, M.: Afterword on 'Spatial Statism'. International Journal of Constitutional Law 18, p. forthcoming (2020)
  2. Finck, M.; Witte, F. d.: Introduction to the Special Issue: 20 Challenges for the EU in 2020. German Law Journal - open access to comparative, european and international law, p. forthcoming (2020)

Contribution to a Collected edition

  1. Finck, M.: Automated Decision-Making and Transparency in Administrative Law. In: The Oxford Handbook on Comparative Administrative Law, p. forthcoming (Ed. Cane, P.) (2020)
  2. Finck, M.: Cities, the EU and Fundamental Rights: remembering Omega. In: Elgar Research Handbook on Cities and International Law, p. forthcoming (Ed. Aust, H.). Edward Elgar Publishing, Cheltenham, UK ; Northampton, MA, USA (2020)
  3. Finck, M.: Dezentrale Technologien und Datenschutz. In: Jahrbuch Informationsfreiheit und Informationsrecht 2019, p. forthcoming (Ed. Dix, A.). Lexxion, Berlin (2020)

Collected Edition

  1. Finck, M.: Smart Urban Transportation Systems and the Law (Forthcoming). Springer, Berlin (2020)

Contribution to a Handbook

  1. Finck, M.: Information Management. In: Oxford Handbook of Comparative Administrative Law, p. forthcoming (Eds. Cane, P.; Ip, E.; Lindseth, P.). Oxford University Press, Oxford (2020)
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