Publications 2019

Journal Article

  1. Witte, M. E.; Schumacher, A.-M.; Mahler, C. F.; Bewersdorf, J. P.; Lehmitz, J.; Scheiter, A.; Sanchez, P.; Williams, P. R.; Griesbeck, O.; Naumann, R. et al.; Misgeld, T.; Kerschensteiner, M.: Calcium Influx through Plasma-Membrane Nanoruptures Drives Axon Degeneration in a Model of Multiple Sclerosis. Neuron 101 (4), pp. 615 - 624.e5 (2019)
  2. Schilling, T.; Ali, A. H.; Leonhardt, A.; Borst, A.; Pujol-Marti, J.: Transcriptional control of morphological properties of direction-selective T4/T5 neurons in Drosophila. Development 146 (2) (2019)
  3. Cohen, I. R.; Wekerle, H.: Avraham Ben-Nun - Pioneer, fighter, friend. European Journal of Immunology 49 (4), pp. 521 - 522 (2019)
  4. Gehrlach , D. A.; Dolensek , N.; Klein, A. S.; Chowdhury , R. R.; Matthys, A.; Junghänel, M.; Gaitanos, T. N.; Podgornik, A.; Black, T. D.; Vaka, N. R. et al.; Conzelmann , K.-K.; Gogolla, N.: Aversive state processing in the posterior insular cortex. Nature Neuroscience 22, pp. 1424 - 1437 (2019)
  5. Glas, A.; Hübener, M.; Bonhoeffer, T.; Goltstein, P. M.: Benchmarking miniaturized microscopy against two-photon calcium imaging using single-cell orientation tuning in mouse visual cortex. PLoS One 14 (4) (2019)
  6. Kim, J.; Lee, S.; Jung, K.; Oh, W. C.; Kim, N.; Son, S.; Jo, Y.; Kwon, H.-B.; Heo, W. D.: Intensiometric biosensors visualize the activity of multiple small GTPases in vivo. Nature Communications 10 (2019)
  7. Knogler, L. D.; Kist, A. M.; Portugues, R.: Motor context dominates output from purkinje cell functional regions during reflexive visuomotor behaviours. eLife 8 (2019)
  8. Larsch, J.; Pantoja, C.: Learning: Complexities of Habituation in Escaping Zebrafish Larvae. Current Biology 29 (8), pp. R292 - R294 (2019)
  9. Teichert, M.; Isstas, M.; Liebmann, L.; Huebner, C. A.; Wieske, F.; Winter, C.; Lehmann, K.; Bolz, J.: Visual deprivation independent shift of ocular dominance induced by cross-modal plasticity. PLoS One 14 (3) (2019)
  10. Yetman, M. J.; Washburn, E.; Hyun, J. H.; Osakada, F.; Hayano, Y.; Zeng, H.; Callaway, E. M.; Kwon, H.-B.; Taniguchi, H.: Intersectional monosynaptic tracing for dissecting subtype-specific organization of GABAergic interneuron inputs. Nature Neuroscience 22 (3), pp. 492 - 502 (2019)
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