Publications in Yearbook 2017

Journal Article

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Cerikan, B.; Shaheen, R.; Colo, G. P.; Glaesser, C.; Hata, S.; Knobeloch, K.-P.; Alkuraya, F. S.; Faessler, R.; Schiebel, E.: Cell-Intrinsic Adaptation Arising from Chronic Ablation of a Key Rho GTPase Regulator. Developmental Cell 39 (1), pp. 28 - 43 (2016)
Cheah, M.; Andrews, M. R.; Chew, D. J.; Moloney, E. B.; Verhaagen, J.; Fässler, R.; Fawcett, J. W.: Expression of an Activated Integrin Promotes Long-Distance Sensory Axon Regeneration in the Spinal Cord. The Journal of Neuroscience 36 (27), pp. 7283 - 7297 (2016)
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Crevenna, A. H.; Blank, B.; Maiser, A.; Emin, D.; Prescher, J.; Beck, G.; Kienzle, C.; Bartnik, K.; Habermann, B.; Pakdel, M. et al.; Leonhardt, H.; Lamb, D. C.; von Blume, J.: Secretory cargo sorting by Ca2+-dependent Cab45 oligomerization at the trans-Golgi network. Journal of Cell Biology 213 (3), pp. 305 - 314 (2016)
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