Publications in Yearbook 2017

Journal Article

Ågren, G. I.; Kattge, J.: Nitrogen productivity and allocation responses of 12 important tree species to increased CO2. Trees 31 (2), pp. 617 - 621 (2017)
Alekseychik, P.; Lappalainen, H. K.; Petäjä, T.; Zaitseva, N.; Heimann, M.; Laurila, T.; Lihavainen, H.; Asmi, E.; Arshinov, M.; Shevchenko, V. et al.; Makshtas, A.; Dubtsov, S.; Mikhailov, E.; Lapshina, E.; Kirpotin, S.; Kurbatova, Y.; Ding, A.; Guo, H.; Park, S.-B.; Lavrič, J. V.; Reum, F.; Panov, A.; Prokushkin, A.; Kulmala, M.: Ground-based station network in arctic and subarctic Eurasia: An overview. Geography, environment, sustainability (2016)
Anderegg, W. R. L.; Martinez-Vilalta, J.; Cailleret, M.; Camarero, J. J.; Ewers, B. E.; Galbraith, D.; Gessler, A.; Grote, R.; Huang, C.-y.; Levick, S. R. et al.; Powell, T. L.; Rowland, L.; Sánchez-Salguero, R.; Trotsiuk, V.: When a tree dies in the forest: Scaling climate-driven tree mortality to ecosystem water and carbon fluxes. Ecosystems 19 (6), pp. 1133 - 1147 (2016)
Aubin, I.; Munson, A. D.; Cardou, F.; Burton, P. J.; Isabel, N.; Pedlar, J. H.; Paquette, A.; Taylor, A. R.; Delagrange, S.; Kebli, H. et al.; Messier, C.; Shipley, B.; Valladares, F.; Kattge, J.; Boisvert-Marsh, L.; McKenney, D.: Traits to stay, traits to move: a review of functional traits to assess sensitivity and adaptive capacity of temperate and boreal trees to climate change. Environmental Reviews 24, pp. 164 - 186 (2016)
Bastos, A.; Janssens, I. A.; Gouveia, C. M.; Trigo, R. M.; Ciais, P.; Chevallier, F.; Peñuelas, J.; Rödenbeck, C.; Piao, S.; Friedlingstein, P. et al.; Running, S. W.: European land CO2 sink influenced by NAO and East-Atlantic Pattern coupling. Nature Communications 7, 10315 (2016)
Baumann, K.; Schöning, I.; Schrumpf, M.; Ellerbrock, R. H.; Leinweber, P.: Rapid assessment of soil organic matter: Soil color analysis and Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy. Geoderma 278, pp. 49 - 57 (2016)
Beulig, F.; Urich, T.; Nowak, M.; Trumbore, S. E.; Gleixner, G.; Gilfillan, G.D.; Fjelland, K.E.; Küsel, K.: Altered carbon turnover processes and microbiomes in soils under long-term extremely high CO2 exposure. Nature Reviews Microbiology 1 (2), 15025 (2016)
Boch, S.; Prati, D.; Schöning, I.; Fischer, M.: Lichen species richness is highest in non-intensively used grasslands promoting suitable microhabitats and low vascular plant competition. Biodiversity and Conservation 25 (2), pp. 225 - 238 (2016)
Brand, W. A.; Rothe, M.; Sperlich, P.; Strube, M.; Wendeberg, M.: Automated simultaneous measurement of the δ13C and δ2H values of methane and the δ13C and δ18O values of carbon dioxide in flask air samples using a new multi cryo-trap/gas chromatography/isotope ratio mass spectrometry system. Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry 30 (13), pp. 1523 - 1539 (2016)
Brovkin, V.; Brücher, T.; Kleinen, T.; Zaehle, S.; Joos, F.; Roth, R.; Spahni, R.; Schmitt, J.; Fischer, H.; Leuenberger, M. et al.; Stone, E. J.; Ridgwell, A.; Chappellaz, J.; Kehrwald, N.; Barbante, C.; Blunier, T.; Jensen, D. D.: Comparative carbon cycle dynamics of the present and last interglacial. Quaternary Science Reviews 137, pp. 15 - 32 (2016)
Cailleret, M.; Jansen, S.; Robert, E. M. R. ..; de Soto, L.; Aakala, T.; Antos, J. A.; Beikircher, B.; Bigler, C.; Bugmann, H.; Caccianiga, M. et al.; Cada, V.; Camarero, J. J. ..; Cherubini, P.; Cochard, H.; Coyea, M. R. ..; Cufar, K.; Das, A. J.; Davi, H.; Delzon, S.; Dorman, M.; Gea-Izquierdo, G.; Gillner, S.; Haavik, L. J. ..; Hartmann, H.; Heres, A.-M.; Hultine, K. R. ..; Janda, P.; Kane, J. M.; Kharuk, V. I. ..; Kitzberger, T.; Klein, T.; Kramer, K.; Lens, F.; Levanic, T.; Linares Calderon, J. C.; Lloret, F.; Lobodo-Vale, R.; Lombardi, F.; Lopez Rodriguez, R.; Mäkinen, H.; Mayr, S.; Meszaros, I.; Metsaranta, J. M.; Minunno, F.; Oberhuber, W.; Papadopoulos, A.; Peltoniemi, M.; Petritan, A. M.; Rohner, B.; Sangüesa-Barreda, G.; Sarris, D.; Smith, J. M.; Stan, A. B.; Sterck, F.; Stojanovic, D. B. ..; Suarez, M. L. ..; Svoboda, M.; Tognetti, R.; Torres-Ruiz, J. M.; Trotsiuk, V.; Villalba, R.; Vodde, F.; Westwood, A. R. ..; Wyckoff, P. H.; Zafirow, N.; Martinez-Vilalta, J.: A synthesis of radial growth patterns preceding tree mortality. Global Change Biology 23 (4), pp. 1675 - 1690 (2017)
Caldararu, S.; Purves, D. W.; Smith, M. J.: The effect of using the plant functional type paradigm on a data-constrained global phenology model. Biogeosciences 13 (4), pp. 925 - 941 (2016)
Calle, L.; Canadell, J. G.; Patra, P.; Ciais, P.; Ichii, K.; Tian, H.; Kondo, M.; Piao, S.; Arneth, A.; Harper, A. B. et al.; Ito, A.; Kato, E.; Koven, C.; Sitch, S.; Stocker, B. D.; Vivoy, N.; Wiltshire, A.; Zaehle, S.; Poulter, B.: Regional carbon fluxes from land use and land cover change in Asia, 1980-2009. Environmental Research Letters 11 (7), 074011 (2016)
Campioli, M.; Malhi, Y.; Vicca, S.; Luyssaert, S.; Papale, D.; Peñuelas, J.; Reichstein, M.; Migliavacca, M.; Arain, M. A.; Janssens, I. A.: Evaluating the convergence between eddy covariance and biometric methods for assessing carbon budgets of forests. Nature Communications 7, 13717 (2016)
Chen, H.; Mommer, L.; van Ruijven, J.; de Kroon, H.; Fischer, C.; Gessler, A.; Hildebrandt, A.; Scherer-Lorenzen, M.; Wirth, C.; Weigelt, A.: Plant species richness negatively affects root decomposition in grasslands. Journal of Ecology 105 (1), pp. 209 - 218 (2017)
Davies, A. B.; van Rensburg, B. J.; Robertson, M. P.; Levick, S. R.; Asner, G. P.; Parr, C. L.: Seasonal variation in the relative dominance of herbivore guilds in an African savanna. Ecology 97 (6), pp. 1618 - 1624 (2016)
Dawson, M. N.; Axmacher, J. C.; Beierkuhnlein, C.; Blois, J. L.; Bradley, B. A.; Cord, A. F.; Dengler, J.; He, K. S.; Heaney, L. S.; Jansson, R. et al.; Mahecha, M. D.; Myers, C.; Nogués-Bravo, D.; Papadoupoulou, A.; Reu, B.; Rodríguez-Sánchez, F.; Steinbauer, M. J.; Stigall, A.: A second horizon scan of biogeography: Golden Ages, Midas touches, and the Red Queen. Frontiers of biogeography (2016)
de Boer, H. J.; Drake, P. L.; Wendt, E.; Price, C. A.; Schulze, E. D.; Turner, N. C.; Nicolle, D.; Veneklaas, E. J.: Apparent overinvestment in leaf venation relaxes leaf morphological constraints on photosynthesis in arid habitats. Plant Physiology 172 (4), pp. 2286 - 2299 (2016)
Dhara, C.; Renner, M.; Kleidon, A.: Broad climatological variation of surface energy balance partitioning across land and ocean predicted from the maximum power limit. Geophysical Research Letters 43 (14), pp. 7686 - 7693 (2016)
Ding, S.; Schwab, B.; Ueberschaar, N.; Roth, V.-N.; Lange, M.; Xu, Y.; Gleixner, G.; Pohnert, G.: Identification of novel 7-methyl and cyclopentanyl branched glycerol dialkyl glycerol tetraethers in lake sediments. Organic Geochemistry 102, pp. 52 - 58 (2016)
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