Publications in Yearbook 2017

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Agmon, N.; Bakker, H. J.; Campen, R. K.; Henchman, R. H.; Pohl, P.; Roke, S.; Thämer, M.; Hassanali, A.: Protons and Hydroxide Ions in Aqueous Systems. Chemical Reviews 116 (13), pp. 7642 - 7672 (2016)
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Almagro, I.; Drzymała, P.; Berent, K.; Sainz-Díaz, C. I.; Willinger, M. G.; Bonarski, J.; Checa, A. G.: New Crystallographic Relationships in Biogenic Aragonite: The Crossed-Lamellar Microstructures of Mollusks. Crystal Growth & Design 16 (4), pp. 2083 - 2093 (2016)
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Arrigo, R.; Schuster, M. E.; Abate, S.; Giorgianni, G.; Centi, G.; Perathoner, S.; Wrabetz, S.; Pfeifer, V.; Antonietti, M.; Schlögl, R.: Pd supported on Carbon Nitride Boosts the Direct Hydrogen Peroxide Synthesis. ACS Catalysis 6 (10), pp. 6959 - 6966 (2016)
Atalla, V.; Zhang, I. Y.; Hofmann, O. T.; Ren, X.; Rinke, P.; Scheffler, M.: Enforcing the linear behavior of the total energy with hybrid functionals: Implications for charge transfer, interaction energies, and the random-phase approximation. Physical Review B 94 (3), 035140 (2016)
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Baghizadeh, A.; Vieira, J. M.; Gonçalves, J. N.; Willinger, M. G.; Ferro, M. C.; Amaral, V. S.: Nanodomains Coupled to Ferroelectric Domains Induced by Lattice Distortion in Self-Doped LuMnxO3±δ Hexagonal Ceramics. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 120 (38), pp. 21897 - 21904 (2016)
Baierl, S.; Mentink, J. H.; Hohenleutner, M.; Braun, L.; Do, T.-M.; Lange, C.; Sell, A.; Fiebig, M.; Woltersdorf, G.; Kampfrath, T. et al.; Huber, R.: Terahertz-Driven Nonlinear Spin Response of Antiferromagnetic Nickel Oxide. Physical Review Letters (2016)
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Beermann, V.; Gocyla, M.; Willinger, E.; Rudi, S.; Heggen, M.; Dunin-Borkowski, R. E.; Willinger, M. G.; Strasser, P.: Rh-Doped Pt–Ni Octahedral Nanoparticles: Understanding the Correlation between Elemental Distribution, Oxygen Reduction Reaction, and Shape Stability. Nano Letters 16 (3), pp. 1719 - 1725 (2016)
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Bhattacharya, A.; Bhattacharya, S.: Unraveling the role of vacancies in the potentially promising thermoelectric clathrates Ba8ZnxGe46−x−yy. Physical Review B 94 (9), 094305 (2016)
Böckmann, H.; Liu, S.; Mielke, J.; Gawinkowski, S.; Waluk, J.; Grill, L.; Wolf, M.; Kumagai, T.: Direct Observation of Photoinduced Tautomerization in Single Molecules at a Metal Surface. Nano Letters 16 (2), pp. 1034 - 1041 (2016)
Braun, L.; Mussler, G.; Hruban, A.; Konczykowski, M.; Schumann, T.; Wolf, M.; Münzenberg, M.; Perfetti, L.; Kampfrath, T.: Ultrafast photocurrents at the surface of the three-dimensional topological insulator Bi2Se3. Nature Communications (2016)
Braune, M.; Hartmann, G.; Ilchen, M.; Knie, A.; Lischke, T.; Reinköster, A.; Meißner, A.; Deinert, S.; Glaser, L.; Al-Dossary, O. et al.; Ehresmann, A.; Kheifets, A.S.; Viefhaus, J.: Electron angular distributions of noble gases in sequential two-photon double ionization. Journal of Modern Optics 63 (4), pp. 324 - 333 (2016)
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