Publications in Yearbook 2017

Journal Article

Adams, K.; Schulz-Kornas, E.; Arzi, B.; Failing, K.; Vogelsberg, J.; Staszyk, C.: Functional anatomy of the equine temporomandibular joint: Collagen fibre texture of the articular surfaces. The Veterinary Journal 217, pp. 58 - 64 (2016)
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Allritz, M.; Call, J.; Borkenau, P.: How chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes) perform in a modified emotional Stroop task. Animal Cognition 19 (3), pp. 435 - 449 (2016)
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Banes, G. L.; Galdikas, B. M. F.: Effective characterisation of the complete orang-utan mitochondrial DNA control region, in the face of persistent focus in many taxa on shorter hypervariable regions. PLoS One (2016)
Banes, G.; Galdikas, B. M. F.; Vigilant, L.: Reintroduction of confiscated and displaced mammals risks outbreeding and introgression in natural populations, as evidenced by orang-utans of divergent subspecies. Scientific Reports (2016)
Barbieri, C.; Hübner, A.; Macholdt, E.; Ni, S.; Lippold, S.; Schröder, R.; Mpoloka, S. W.; Purps, J.; Roewer, L.; Stoneking, M. et al.; Pakendorf, B.: Refining the Y chromosome phylogeny with southern African sequences. Human Genetics 135 (5), pp. 541 - 553 (2016)
Barrera, J. W.; Le Cabec, A.; Barak, M. M.: The orthotropic elastic properties of fibrolamellar bone tissue in juvenile white-tailed deer femora. Journal of Anatomy 229 (4), pp. 568 - 576 (2016)
Barton, R.N.E.; Bouzouggar, A.; Collcutt, S.N.; Marco, Y. C.; Clark-Balzan, L.; Debenham, N.C.; Morales, J.: Reconsidering the MSA to LSA transition at Taforalt Cave (Morocco) in the light of new multi-proxy dating evidence. Quaternary International 413 (Part A), pp. 36 - 49 (2016)
Bauch, C. T.; McElreath, R.: Disease dynamics and costly punishment can foster socially imposed monogamy. Nature Communications (2016)
Bauer, C. C.; Bons, P. D.; Benazzi, S.; Harvati, K.: Using elliptical best fits to characterize dental shapes. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 159 (2), pp. 342 - 347 (2016)
Behringer, V.; Stevens, J. M. G.; Kivell, T. L.; Neufuss, J.; Boesch, C.; Hohmann, G.: Within arm's reach: Measuring forearm length to assess growth patterns in captive bonobos and chimpanzees. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 161 (1), pp. 37 - 43 (2016)
Behringer, V.; Wudy, S. A.; Blum, W. F.; Stevens, J. M. G.; Rehmer, T.; Boesch, C.; Hohmann, G.: Sex differences in age-related decline of urinary insulin-like growth factor-binding protein-3 levels in adult bonobos and chimpanzees. Frontiers in endocrinology (2016)
Ben-Ncer, A.; Bokbot, Y.: Tumulus 2 du complexe III de D'zira (Province de Guercif, Maroc): Étude archéothanatologique = Tumulus 2 of the complex III of D'zira (province of Guercif, Morocco): Archeothanatology study. Journal of Material Environmental Science 7 (10), pp. 3763 - 3773 (2016)
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