Publications in Yearbook 2017

Alings, F.;
tRNA modification landscapes at high temperatures: A virulence factor in yeast?. University of Münster, Muenster.
Alonso-Hellmold, J.;
Analysis of regulation mechanisms and substrates oft he endothelial specific phosphatase VE-PTP during control of endothelial barrier integrity. Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität, Muenster.
Artz, A.; Butz, S.; Vestweber, D.;
GDF-15 inhibits integrin activation and mouse neutrophil recruitment through the ALK-5/TGF-betaRII heterodimer. Blood 128 (4), 529-541 (2016-07-28)
Barreiro, O.; Cibrian, D.; Clemente, C.; Alvarez, D.; Moreno, V.; Valiente, I.; Bernad, A.; Vestweber, D.; Arroyo, A. G.; Martin, P.; von Andrian, U. H.; Sanchez Madrid, F.;
Pivotal role for skin transendothelial radio-resistant anti-inflammatory macrophages in tissue repair. eLife 5, (2016-06-15)
Boiani, M.; Buehler, A.;
Germany: One of animal-study criteria backfires. Nature 531 (7596), 580 (2016-03-31)
Boiani, M.; Cibelli, J. B.;
What we can learn from single-cell analysis in development. Mol Hum Reprod 22 (3), 160-171 (2016-03)
Chen, K.; Long, Q.; Wang, T.; Zhao, D.; Zhou, Y.; Qi, J.; Wu, Y.; Li, S.; Chen, C.; Zeng, X.; Yang, J.; Zhou, Z.; Qin, W.; Liu, X.; Li, Y.; Li, Y.; Huang, X.; Qin, D.; Chen, J.; Pan, G.; Scholer, H. R.; Xu, G.; Liu, X.; Pei, D.;
Gadd45a is a heterochromatin relaxer that enhances iPS cell generation. EMBO Rep 17 (11), 1641-1656 (2016-11)
Chen, Q.; Zhang, H.; Liu, Y.; Adams, S.; Eilken, H.; Stehling, M.; Corada, M.; Dejana, E.; Zhou, B.; Adams, R. H.;
Endothelial cells are progenitors of cardiac pericytes and vascular smooth muscle cells. Nat Commun 7, 13 (2016-08)
Choi, H. W.; Joo, J. Y.; Hong, Y. J.; Kim, J. S.; Song, H.; Lee, J. W.; Wu, G.; Scholer, H. R.; Do, J. T.;
Distinct Enhancer Activity of Oct4 in Naive and Primed Mouse Pluripotency. Stem Cell Reports 7 (5), 911-926 (2016-11-08)
Choi, H.; Joo, J.; Hong, Y.; Kim, J.; Song, H.; Lee, J.; Wu, G.; Schöler, H.; Do, J.;
Distinct Enhancer Activity of Oct4 in Naive and Primed Mouse Pluripotency. Stem Cell Reports, (2016)
Chu, M.; Li, T. T.; Shen, B.; Cao, X. D.; Zhong, H. Y.; Zhang, L. Q.; Zhou, F.; Ma, W. J.; Jiang, H. J.; Xie, P. C.; Liu, Z. Z.; Dong, N. Z.; Xu, Y.; Zhao, Y.; Xu, G. Q.; Lu, P. R.; Luo, J. C.; Wu, Q. Y.; Alitalo, K.; Koh, G. Y.; Adams, R. H.; He, Y. L.;
Angiopoietin receptor Tie2 is required for vein specification and maintenance via regulating COUP-TFII. eLife 5, 16 (2016-12)
Cuttano, R.; Rudini, N.; Bravi, L.; Corada, M.; Giampietro, C.; Papa, E.; Morini, M. F.; Maddaluno, L.; Baeyens, N.; Adams, R. H.; Jain, M. K.; Owens, G. K.; Schwartz, M.; Lampugnani, M. G.; Dejana, E.;
KLF4 is a key determinant in the development and progression of cerebral cavernous malformations. EMBO Mol Med 8 (1), 6-24 (2016-01)
Delaunay, S.; Rapino, F.; Tharun, L.; Zhou, Z.; Heukamp, L.; Termathe, M.; Shostak, K.; Klevernic, I.; Florin, A.; Desmecht, H.; Desmet, C. J.; Nguyen, L.; Leidel, S. A.; Willis, A. E.; Büttner, R.; Chariot, A.; Close, P.;
Elp3 links tRNA modification to IRES-dependent translation of LEF1 to sustain metastasis in breast cancer. The Journal of Experimental Medicine 213 (11), 2503-2523 (2016-10-17)
Dierkes, M.;
The protein tyrosine phosphatase VE-PTP controls endothelial cell contacts via VE-cadherin and Tie-2. Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität, Muenster.
van Eeuwijk, J. M.; Stegner, D.; Lamb, D. J.; Kraft, P.; Beck, S.; Thielmann, I.; Kiefer, F.; Walzog, B.; Stoll, G.; Nieswandt, B.;
The Novel Oral Syk Inhibitor, Bl1002494, Protects Mice From Arterial Thrombosis and Thromboinflammatory Brain Infarction. Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol, (2016)
Eggenschwiler, R.; Moslem, M.; Fraguas, M. S.; Galla, M.; Papp, O.; Naujock, M.; Fonfara, I.; Gensch, I.; Wahner, A.; Beh-Pajooh, A.; Mussolino, C.; Tauscher, M.; Steinemann, D.; Wegner, F.; Petri, S.; Schambach, A.; Charpentier, E.; Cathomen, T.; Cantz, T.;
Improved bi-allelic modification of a transcriptionally silent locus in patient-derived iPSC by Cas9 nickase. Sci Rep 6, 38198 (2016-12-02)
Ehrlich, M.;
Human induced pluripotent stem cells to model diseases affecting neurons and oligodendrocytes. Westphalian Wilhelms University, Münster, Münster.
Erapaneedi, R.; Belousov, V. V.; Schafers, M.; Kiefer, F.;
A novel family of fluorescent hypoxia sensors reveal strong heterogeneity in tumor hypoxia at the cellular level. EMBO J 35 (1), 102-113 (2016)
Fraguas, M. S.; Eggenschwiler, R.; Hoepfner, J.; Schiavinato, J. L.; Haddad, R.; Oliveira, L. H.; Araujo, A. G.; Zago, M. A.; Panepucci, R. A.; Cantz, T.;
MicroRNA-29 impairs the early phase of reprogramming process by targeting active DNA demethylation enzymes and Wnt signaling. Stem Cell Res 19, 21-30 (2016-12-19)
Gamrekelashvili, J.; Giagnorio, R.; Jussofie, J.; Soehnlein, O.; Duchene, J.; Briseno, C. G.; Ramasamy, S. K.; Krishnasamy, K.; Limbourg, A.; Kapanadze, T.; Ishifune, C.; Hinkel, R.; Radtke, F.; Strobl, L. J.; Zimber-Strobl, U.; Napp, L. C.; Bauersachs, J.; Haller, H.; Yasutomo, K.; Kupatt, C.; Murphy, K. M.; Adams, R. H.; Weber, C.; Limbourg, F. P.;
Regulation of monocyte cell fate by blood vessels mediated by Notch signalling. Nat Commun 7, 14 (2016-08)
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