Publikationen im Jahrbuch 2016

Abdurakhmanova, N.; Mueller, A.; Stepanow, S.; Rauschenbach, S.; Jansen, M.; Kern, K.; Amsharov, K.;
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Aghamohammadi, M.; Rödel, R.; Zschieschang, U.; Ocal, C.; Boschker, H.; Weitz, R. T.; Barrena, E.; Klauk, H.;
Threshold-Voltage Shifts in Organic Transistors Due to Self-Assembled Monolayers at the Dielectric: Evidence for Electronic Coupling and Dipolar Effects. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 7 (41), 22775-22785 (2015)
Ali, N.; Williams, R.; Xiao, F.; Clark, S.; Lancaster, T.; Blundell, S.; Sheptyakov, D.; Jansen, M.;
Magnetostructural relationship in the tetrahedral spin-chain oxide CsCoO2. Physical Review B 91 (2), (2015)
AlZayed, N.; Kityk, I.; Soltan, S.; El-Naggar, A.; Shahabuddin, M.;
Laser induced infrared spectral shift of the MgB2:Cr superconductor films. Spectrochimica Acta A 136, 1698-1701 (2015)
Alzayed, N.; Soltan, S.; Shahabuddin, M.; El-Naggar, A.; Kityk, I.; Qaid, S.; Parakkandy, J.; Shah, M.; Madhar, N.;
Growth of Stable Bilayer CrO2/MgB2 Films by Pulsed Laser Deposition. Journal of Superconductivity and Novel Magnetism 28 (2), 387-390 (2015)
Arrigoni, M.; Kotomin, E.; Gryaznov, D.; Maier, J.;
Confinement effects for the F center in non-stoichiometric BaZrO3 ultrathin films. physica status solidi (b) 252 (1), 139-143 (2015)
Ast, C.;
Extracting the Rashba splitting from scanning tunneling microscopy measurements. Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena 201, 30-35 (2015)
Avella, A.; Oleś, A. M.; Horsch, P.;
Defects, Disorder, and Strong Electron Correlations in Orbital Degenerate, Doped Mott Insulators. Physical Review Letters 115 (20), (2015)
Baba, T.; Yamauchi, T.; Yamazaki, S.; Ueda, H.; Isobe, M.; Matsushita, Y.; Ueda, Y.;
Charge Order Induced by Cation Order in δ-Ag2/3V2O5. Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 84 (2), (2015)
Babizhetskyy, V.; Myakush, O.; Levytskyy, V.; Köhler, J.; Simon, A.; Michor, H.; Kotur, B.;
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Babizhetskyy, V.; Simon, A.; Halet, J.;
Investigations in the ternary praseodymium-boron-carbon system: Solid-state phase diagram and structural chemistry. Solid State Sciences 47, 73-77 (2015)
Baiutti, F.; Logvenov, G.; Gregori, G.; Cristiani, G.; Wang, Y.; Sigle, W.; van Aken, P. A.; Maier, J.;
High-temperature superconductivity in space-charge regions of lanthanum cuprate induced by two-dimensional doping. Nature Communications 6, (2015)
Baringhaus, J.; Stöhr, A.; Forti, S.; Starke, U.; Tegenkamp, C.;
Ballistic bipolar junctions in chemically gated graphene ribbons. Scientific Reports 5, (2015)
Benia, H.; Straßer, C.; Kern, K.; Ast, C.;
Surface band structure of Bi1-xSbx(111). Physical Review B 91 (16), (2015)
von Bergmann, K.; Ternes, M.; Loth, S.; Lutz, C.; Heinrich, A.;
Spin Polarization of the Split Kondo State. Physical Review Letters 114 (7), (2015)
Berner, G.; Sing, M.; Pfaff, F.; Benckiser, E.; Wu, M.; Christiani, G.; Logvenov, G.; Habermeier, H.-U.; Kobayashi, M.; Strocov, V.; Schmitt, T.; Fujiwara, H.; Suga, S.; Sekiyama, A.; Keimer, B.; Claessen, R.;
Dimensionality-tuned electronic structure of nickelate superlattices explored by soft-x-ray angle-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy. Physical Review B 92 (12), (2015)
Bette, S.; Dinnebier, R. E.; Freyer, D.;
Structure solution and refinement of stacking-faulted NiCl(OH). Journal of Applied Crystallography 48, 1706-1718 (2015)
Bette, S.; Dinnebier, R. E.; Roder, C.; Freyer, D.;
A solid solution series of atacamite type Ni2xMg2-2xCl(OH)3. Journal of Solid State Chemistry 228, 131-140 (2015)
Bhobe, P.; Kumar, A.; Taguchi, M.; Eguchi, R.; Matsunami, M.; Takata, Y.; Nandy, A.; Mahadevan, P.; Sarma, D.; Neroni, A.; Sasioglu, E.; Lezaic, M.; Oura, M.; Senba, Y.; Ohashi, H.; Ishizaka, K.; Okawa, M.; Shin, S.; Tamasaku, K.; Kohmura, Y.; Yabashi, M.; Ishikawa, T.; Hasegawa, K.; Isobe, M.; Ueda, Y.; Chainani, A.;
Electronic Structure Evolution across the Peierls Metal-Insulator Transition in a Correlated Ferromagnet. Physical Review X 5 (4), (2015)
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