Publications 2015

Bhattacharya, R.; Mondal, R.; Khatua, P.; Rudra, A.; Kapon, E.; Malzer, S.; Doehler, G.; Pal, B.; Bansal, B.;
Measurements of the Electric Field of Zero-Point Optical Phonons in GaAs Quantum Wells Support the Urbach Rule for Zero-Temperature Lifetime Broadening. Physical Review Letters 114 (4), (2015)
Bjork, G.; Grassl, M.; de la Hoz, P.; Leuchs, G.; Sanchez-Soto, L. L.;
Stars of the quantum Universe: extremal constellations on the Poincare sphere. Physica Scripta 90 (10), (2015)
Bjork, G.; Klimov, A. B.; de la Hoz, P.; Grassl, M.; Leuchs, G.; Sanchez-Soto, L. L.;
Extremal quantum states and their Majorana constellations. Physical Review A 92 (3), (2015)
Bromberger, H.; Ermolov, A.; Belli, F.; Liu, H.; Calegari, F.; Chavez-Cervantes, M.; Li, M. T.; Lin, C. T.; Abdolvand, A.; Russell, P. S. J.; Cavalleri, A.; Travers, J. C.; Gierz, I.;
Angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy with 9-eV photon-energy pulses generated in a gas-filled hollow-core photonic crystal fiber. Applied Physics Letters 107 (9), (2015)
Bykov, D. S.; Schmidt, O. A.; Euser, T. G.; Russell, P. S. J.;
Flying particle sensors in hollow-core photonic crystal fibre. Nature Photonics 9 (7), 461-U63 (2015)
Chekhova, M. V.; Leuchs, G.; Zukowski, M.;
Bright squeezed vacuum: Entanglement of macroscopic light beams. Optics Communications 337, 27-43 (2015)
Chen, X. W.; Lee, K. G.; Eghlidi, H.; Goetzinger, S.; Sandoghdar, V.;
Enhancing the radiative emission rate of single molecules by a plasmonic nanoantenna weakly coupled with a dielectric substrate. Optics Express 23 (26), 32986-32992 (2015)
Chen, Z.; Zhao, J.; Chremmos, I. D.; Song, D.; Christodoulides, D. N.; Efremidis, N. K.;
Spiraling Particles by Fine-Shaped Dynamical Singular Beams. Optics & Photonics News 26 (12), 44 (2015)
Chille, V.; Banzer, P.; Aiello, A.; Leuchs, G.; Marquardt, C.; Treps, N.; Fabre, C.;
Quantum uncertainty in the beam width of spatial optical modes. Optics Express 23 (25), 32777-32787 (2015)
Chille, V.; Quinn, N.; Peuntinger, C.; Croal, C.; Mista, L.; Marquardt, C.; Leuchs, G.; Korolkova, N.;
Quantum nature of Gaussian discord: Experimental evidence and role of system-environment correlations. Physical Review A 91 (5), (2015)
Chremmos, I.; Fikioris, G.;
Superoscillations with arbitrary polynomial shape. Journal of Physics A-Mathematical and Theoretical 48 (26), (2015)
Chremmos, I.; Fikioris, G.;
Superoscillatory field features with evanescent waves. Optics Communications 356, 482-487 (2015)
Chremmos, I.; Giamalaki, M.;
Nondiffracting chirped Bessel waves in optical antiguides. Journal of the Optical Society of America A-Optics Image Science and Vision 32 (5), 867-876 (2015)
Chremmos, I.; Kallos, E.; Giamalaki, M.; Yannopapas, V.; Paspalakis, E.;
Effective medium theory for two-dimensional non-magnetic metamaterial lattices up to quadrupole expansions. Journal of Optics 17 (7), (2015)
Clark, J. B.; Glasser, R. T.; Glorieux, Q.; Vogl, U.; Li, T.; Jones, K. M.; Lett, P. D.;
Measuring the Propagation of Information and Entanglement in Dispersive Media. Proceedings of SPIE 9378, (2015)
Croal, C.; Peuntinger, C.; Chille, V.; Marquardt, C.; Leuchs, G.; Korolkova, N.; Mista, L.;
Entangling the Whole by Beam Splitting a Part. Physical Review Letters 115 (19), (2015)
Dai, X.; Wen, X.; Latzel, M.; Heilmann, M.; Appelt, C.; Feng, Y.; Yang, J.; Chen, W.; Huang, S.; Shrestha, S.; Christiansen, S.; Conibeer, G.;
Fabrication and optical characterisation of InGaN/GaN nanorods. Proceedings of SPIE 9668, (2015)
Deshmukh, P.; Mendez-Aller, M.; Singh, A.; Pal, S.; Prabhu, S. S.; Nanal, V.; Pillay, R. G.; Doehler, G. H.; Preu, S.;
Continuous wave terahertz radiation from antennas fabricated on C-12-irradiated semi-insulating GaAs. Optics Letters 40 (19), 4540-4543 (2015)
Dyakonov, I. V.; Sharapova, P. R.; Iskhakov, T. S.; Leuchs, G.;
Direct Schmidt number measurement of high-gain parametric down conversion. Laser Physics Letters 12 (6), (2015)
Ehberger, D.; Hammer, J.; Eisele, M.; Krueger, M.; Noe, J.; Hoegele, A.; Hommelhoff, P.;
Highly Coherent Electron Beam from a Laser-Triggered Tungsten Needle Tip. Physical Review Letters 114 (22), (2015)
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