Publications 2014

Agarwal, A.; Zhang, M.; Trembak-Duff, I.; Unterbarnscheidt, T.; Radyushkin, K.; Dibaj, P.; Martins de Souza, D.; Boretius, S.; Brzózka, M. M.; Steffens, H.; Berning, S.; Teng, Z.; Gummert, M. N.; Tantra, M.; Guest, P. C.; Willig, K. I.; Frahm, J.; Hell, S. W.; Bahn, S.; Rossner, M. J.; Nave, K.-A.; Ehrenreich, H.; Zhang, W.; Schwab, M. H.;
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Avenali, L.; Narayanan, P.; Rouwette, T.; Cervellini, I.; Sereda, M.; Gomez-Varela, D.; Schmidt, M.;
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Data calibration and reduction allows to visualize behavioural profiles of psychosocial influences in mice towards clinical domains. European Archives of Psychiatry and Clinical Neuroscience, (2014-09-19)
Badowska, D.;
Schizophrenia risk factor Tcf4 and gene x environment interaction in mice. Georg-August-Universität, Göttingen.
Badowska, D.; Schmitt, A.; Falkai, P.;
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Mice lacking the circadian modulators SHARP1 and SHARP2 display altered sleep and mixed state endophenotypes of psychiatric disorders. PLoS ONE 9 (10), (2014-10-23)
Bakhti, M.; Aggarwal, S.; Simons, M.;
Myelin architecture: zippering membranes tightly together. Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences 71 (7), 1265-1277 (2014-04)
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Brose, N.;
All roads lead to neuroscience: The 2013 Nobel prize in physiology and medicine. Neuron 81 (4), 723-727 (2014-02-19)
Buhl, T.; Braun, A.; Forkel, S.; Möbius, W.; van Werven, L.; Jahn, O.; Rezaei-Galeh, N.; Zweckstetter, M.; Mempel, M.; Schön, M. P.; Haenssle, H. A.;
Internalization routes of cell-penetrating melanoma antigen peptides into human dendritic cells. Experimental Dermatology 23, 20-26 (2014)
Christensen, D. Z.; Huettenrauch, M.; Mitkovski, M.; Pradier, L.; Wirths, O.;
Axonal degeneration in an Alzheimer mouse model is PS1 gene dose dependent and linked to intraneuronal Aβ accumulation. Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience 6, (2014-06-27)
Chumakov, I.; Milet, A.; Cholet, N.; Primas, G.; Boucard, A.; Pereira, Y.; Graudens, E.; Mandel, J.; Laffaire, J.; Foucquier, J.; Glibert, F.; Bertrand, V.; Nave, K.-A.; Sereda, M. W.; Vial, E.; Guedj, M.; Hajj, R.; Nabirotchkin, S.; Cohen, D.;
Polytherapy with a combination of three repurposed drugs (PXT3003) down-regulates Pmp22 over-expression and improves myelination, axonal and functional parameters in models of CMT1A neuropathy. Orphanet Journal of Rare Diseases 9 (1), (2014-12-10)
Dahm, L.; Ott, C.; Steiner, J.; Stepniak, B.; Teegen, B.; Saschenbrecker, S.; Hammer, C.; Borowski, K.; Begemann, M.; Lemke, S.; Rentzsch, K.; Probst, C.; Martens, H.; Wienands, J.; Spalletta, G.; Weissenborn, K.; Stöcker, W.; Ehrenreich, H.;
Seroprevalence of autoantibodies against brain antigens in health and disease. Annals of Neurology 76 (1), 82-94 (2014-07)
Dere, E.; Dahm, L.; Lu, D.; Hammerschmidt, K.; Ju, A.; Tantra, M.; Kästner, A.; Chowdhury, K.; Ehrenreich, H.;
Heterozygous Ambra1 deficiency in mice: a genetic trait with autism-like behavior restricted to the female gender. Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience 8, (2014-05-16)
Dere, E.; Winkler, D.; Ritter, C.; Ronnenberg, A.; Poggi, G.; Patzig, J.; Gernert, M.; Müller, C.; Nave, K.-A.; Ehrenreich, H.; Werner, H. B.;
Gpm6b deficiency impairs sensorimotor gating and modulates the behavioral response to a 5-HT2A/C receptor agonist. Behavioural Brain Research 277, 254-263 (2015-01)
Dere, E.; Zlomuzica, A.;
Far beyond declarative and non-declarative memories. Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience 8, (2014-05-08)
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Complexin synchronizes primed vesicle exocytosis and regulates fusion pore dynamics. Journal of Cell Biology 204 (7), 1123-1140 (2014-03-31)
Diez, Á.; Cieza-Borrella, C.; Suazo, V.; González-Sarmiento, R.; Papiol, S.; Molina, V.;
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Ehrenreich, H.; Nave, K.-A.;
Phenotype-based genetic association studies (PGAS) - towards understanding the contribution of common genetic variants to schizophrenia subphenotypes. Genes 5, 97-105 (2014-02-27)
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