Publications in Yearbook 2017

Heider, J.; Szaleniec, M.; Martins, B.M.; Seyhan, D.; Buckel, W.; Golding, B.T.;
Structure and Function of Benzylsuccinate Synthase and Related Fumarate-Adding Glycyl Radical Enzymes. Journal of Molecular Microbiology and Biotechnology 26 (1-3), 29-44 (2016)
Herfurth, M.;
Untersuchungen des Genclusters mxan_0364-0359 in Bezug auf die Typ-IV-Pili-abhängige Motilität in M. xanthus, mit Schwerpunkt auf der Charakterisierung von mxan_0363. Philipps-Universität, Marburg.
Ho, A.; Lüke, C.; Reim, A.; Frenzel, P.;
Resilience of (seed bank) aerobic methanotrophs and methanotrophic activity to desiccation and heat stress. Soil Biology & Biochemistry 101, 130-138 (2016-10)
Ho, A.; van den Brink, E.; Reim, A.; Krause, S.M.B.; Bodelier, P.L.E.;
Recurrence and Frequency of Disturbance have Cumulative Effect on Methanotrophic Activity, Abundance, and Community Structure. Frontiers in Microbiology 6, (2016-01-05)
Ikeda-Ohtsubo, W.; Strassert, J.F.H.; Köhler, T.; Mikaelyan, A.; Gregor, I.; McHardy, A.C.; Tringe, S.; Hugenholtz, P.; Radek, R.; Brune, A.;
"Candidatus Adiutrix intracellularis', an endosymbiont of termite gut flagellates, is the first representative of a deep-branching clade of Deltaproteobacteria and a putative homoacetogen. Environmental Microbiology 18 (8), 2548-2564 (2016-08)
Ivanova, A. A.; Wegner, C.-E.; Kim, Y.; Liesack, W.; Dedysh, S. N.;
Identification of microbial populations driving biopolymer degradation in acidic peatlands by metatranscriptomic analysis. Molecular Ecology 25 (19), 4818-4835 (2016-10)
Ji, Y.; Angel, R.; Klose, M.; Claus, P.; Marotta, H.; Pinho, L.; Enrich-Prast, A.; Conrad, R.;
Structure and function of methanogenic microbial communities in sediments of Amazonian lakes with different water types. Environmental Microbiology 18 (12), 5082-5100 (2016-12)
Jung, A.;
Chromosome arrangement and dynamics in the budding bacterium Hyphomonas neptunium. Philipps-Universität, Marburg.
Killinger, M.;
The impact of antibiotics on Vibrio cholerae biofilm structure and cell arrangement. Philipps-Universität, Marburg.
Kock, D.;
Analysis of Pseudozyma species and their interaction with U. maydis. Philipps-Universität, Marburg.
Koltay, M.;
Quantitative analysis of microbial sensing and motility. Ruprecht-Karls-Universität, Heidelberg.
Kosfeld, V.;
Inferring spatiotemporal dynamics of gene expression in bacterial colonies using fluorescent transcriptional reporters. Philipps-Universität, Marburg.
Kraus, D.;
Volumensegmentierung von individuellen Zellen aus Biofilmen. Philipps-Universität, Marburg.
Laganenka, L.; Colin, R.; Sourjik, V.;
Chemotaxis towards autoinducer 2 mediates autoaggregation in Escherichia coli. Nature Communications 7, (2016-09)
Leicht, O.;
Zellzyklusregulation in einem strikt dimorphen Vertreter der α-Proteobakterien. Philipps-Universität, Marburg.
Li, H.; Dietrich, C.; Zhu, N.; Mikaelyan, A.; Ma, B.; Pi, R.; Liu, Y.; Yang, M.; Brune, A.; Mo, J.;
Age polyethism drives community structure of the bacterial gut microbiota in the fungus-cultivating termite Odontotermes formosanus. Environmental Microbiology 18 (5), 1440-1451 (2016-05)
Liu, Y.; Link, H.; Liu, L.; Du, G.; Chen, J.; Sauer, U.;
A dynamic pathway analysis approach reveals a limiting futile cycle in N-acetylglucosamine overproducing Bacillus subtilis. Nature Communications 7, (2016-06)
Liu, Y.; Priscu, J.; Xiong, J.; Conrad, R.; Vick-Majors, T.; Chu, H.; Hou, J.;
Salinity drives archaeal distribution patterns in high altitude lake sediments on the Tibetan Plateau. FEMS Microbiology Ecology 92 (3), (2016-03)
Lo Presti, L.; Diaz, C.L.; Turra, D.; Di Pietro, A.; Hampel, M.; Heimel, K.; Kahmann, R.;
A conserved co-chaperone is required for virulence in fungal plant pathogens. New Phytologist 209 (3), 1135-1148 (2016-02)
Malghani, S.; Reim, A.; von Fischer, J.; Conrad, R.; Kuebler, K.; Trumbore, S.E.;
Soil methanotroph abundance and community composition are not influenced by substrate availability in laboratory incubations. Soil Biology & Biochemistry 101, 184-194 (2016-10)
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