Publications 2017

Liu, K.; Barth, I.;
Identifying the tunneling site in strong-field ionization of H^+_2. Physical Review Letters 119 (24), 243204/1-5 (2017)
Liu, K.; Renziehausen, K.; Barth, I.;
Producing spin-polarized photoelectrons by using the momentum gate in strong-field ionization experiments. Physical Review A 95 (6), 063410/1-7 (2017)
Ma, T. P.; Yang, Y.; Ding, Z.; Chen, Z. H.; Zhao, H. B.; Werner, P.; Parkin, S. S. P.; Wu, Y. Z.;
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Maryenko, D.; Mishchenko, A. S.; Bahramy, M. S.; Ernst, A.; Falson, J.; Kozuka, Y.; Tsukazaki, A.; Nagaosa, N.; Kawasaki, M.;
Observation of anomalous Hall effect in a non-magnetic two-dimensional electron system. Nature Communications 8 (14), 14777/1-7 (2017)
Matsushita, Y. -. I.; Madjarova, G.; Dewhurst, J. K.; Shallcross, S.; Felser, C.; Sharma, S.; Gross, E. K. U.;
Large magnetocrystalline anisotropy in tetragonally distorted Heuslers: A systematic study. Journal of Physics D 50 (9), 095002/1-8 (2017)
Matsushita, Y. -. I.; Madzharova, G.; Flores Livas, J. A.; Dewhurst, J. K.; Felser, C.; Sharma, S.; Gross, E. K. U.;
L1_0 stacked binaries as candidates for hard-magnets: FePt, MnAl and MnGa. Annalen der Physik 529 (8), 1600412/1-6 (2017)
Min, S. -. K.; Agostini, F.; Tavernelli, I.; Gross, E. K. U.;
Ab-initio nonadiabatic dynamics with coupled trajectories: A rigorous approach to quantum (de)coherence. Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 8 (13), 3048-3055 (2017)
Monni, M.; Bernardini, F.; Sanna, A.; Profeta, G.; Massidda, S.;
Origin of the critical temperature discontinuity in superconducting sulfur under high pressure. Physical Review B 95 (6), 064516/1-5 (2017)
Mook, A.; Göbel, B.; Henk, J.; Mertig, I.;
Magnon transport in noncollinear spin textures: Anisotropies and topological magnon Hall effects. Physical Review B 95 (02), 020401(R)/1-5 (2017)
Mook, A.; Henk, J.; Mertig, I.;
Magnon nodal-line semimetals and drumhead surface states in anisotropic pyrochlore ferromagnets. Physical Review B 95 (01), 014418/1-7 (2017)
Nayak, A. K.; Kumar, V.; Ma, T.; Werner, P.; Pippel, E.; Sahoo, R.; Damay, F.; Rößler, U.; Felser, C.; Parkin, S. S. P.;
Magnetic antiskyrmions above room temperature in tetragonal Heusler materials. Nature 548, 561 (2017)
Nayak, J.; Wu, S.; Kumar, N.; Shekhar, C.; Singh, S.; Fink, J.; Rienks, E. E. D.; Fecher, G. H.; Parkin, S. S. P.; Yan, B.; Felser, C.;
Multiple Dirac cones at the surface of the topological metal LaBi. Nature Communications 8, 13942/1-5 (2017)
Otrokov, M. M.; Ernst, A.; Mohseni, K.; Fulara, H.; Roy, S.; Castro, G. R.; Rubio-Zuazo, J.; Ryabishchenkova, A. G.; Kokh, K. A.; Tereshchenko, O. E.; Aliev, Z. S.; Babanly, M. B.; Chulkov, E. V.; Meyerheim, H. L.; Parkin, S. S. P.;
Geometric and electronic structure of the Cs-doped Bi_2Se_3(0001) surface. Physical Review B 95 (20), 205429/1-9 (2017)
Otrokov, M. M.; Menshchikova, T. V.; Garcia Vergniory, M.; Rusinov, I. P.; Vyazovskaya, A. Y.; Koroteev, Y. M.; Bihlmayer, G.; Ernst, A.; Echenique, P. M.; Arnau, A.; Chulkov, E. V.;
Highly-ordered wide bandgap materials for quantized anomalous Hall and magnetoelectric effects. 2d Materials 4 (2), 025082/1-8 (2017)
Passarello, D.; Altendorf, S. G.; Jeong, J.; Rettner, C.; Arellano, N.; Topuria, T.; Samant, M. G.; Parkin, S. S. P.;
Evidence for ionic liquid gate-induced metallization of vanadium dioxide bars over micron length scales. Nano Letters 17, 2796-2801 (2017)
Perdew, J. P.; Yang, W.; Burke, K.; Yang, Z.; Gross, E. K. U.; Scheffler, M.; Scuseria, G. E.; Henderson, T. M.; Zhang, I. Y.; Ruzsinsky, A.; Peng, H.; Sun, J.; Trushin, E.; Görling, A.;
Understanding band gaps of solids in generalized Kohn-Sham theory. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 114 (11), 2801-2806 (2017)
Phark, S. -. H.; Sander, D.;
Spin-polarized scanning tunneling microscopy with quantitative insights into magnetic probes. Nano Convergence 4, 8/1-17 (2017)
Pollinger, F.; Schmitt, S.; Sander, D.; Tian, Z.; Kirschner, J.; Vrdoljak, P.; Stadler, C.; Maier, F.; Marchetto, H.; Schmidt, T.; Schöll, A.; Umbach, E.;
Nanoscale patterning, macroscopic reconstruction, and enhanced surface stress by organic adsorption on vicinal surfaces. New Journal of Physics 19, 013019/1-8 (2017)
Polyakov, A.; Tusche, C.; Ellguth, M.; Crozier, E. D.; Mohseni, K.; Otrokov, M. M.; Zubizarreta Iriarte, X.; Vergniory, M. G.; Geilhufe, M.; Chulkov, E. V.; Ernst, A.; Meyerheim, H. L.; Parkin, S. S. P.;
Instability of the topological surface state in Bi_2Se_3 upon deposition of gold. Physical Review B 95 (18), 180202/1-5 (2017)
Polyakov, O. P.; Korobova, J. G.; Stepanyuk, O. V.; Bazhanov, D. I.;
Impact of surface strain on the spin dynamics of deposited Co nanowires. Journal of Applied Physics 121 (1), 014306/1-9 (2017)
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