Publications in Yearbook 2016

Agostini, F.; Abedi, A.; Suzuki, Y.; Min, S. K.; Maitra, N. T.; Gross, E. K. U.;
The exact forces on classical nuclei in non-adiabtic charge transfer :. Journal of Chemical Physics 141 (8), 084303/1 (2015)
Agostini, F.; Ciccotti, G.; Savin, A.; Vuilleumier, R.;
Maximum probability domains for the analysis of the microscopic structure of liquids :. Journal of Chemical Physics 142 (6), 06117/1 (2015)
Agostini, F.; Min, S. K.; Gross, E. K. U.;
Semiclassical analysis of the electron-nuclear coupling in electronic non-adiabatic processes :. Annalen der Physik 527 (9-10), 546 (2015)
Andres, B.; Christ, M.; Gahl, C.; Wietstruk, M.; Weinelt, M.; Kischner, J.;
Separating exchange splitting from spin mixing in Gadolinium by femtosecond laser excitation :. Physical Review Letters 115 (20), 207404/1 (2015)
Aseev, P.; Soto Rodriguez, P. E. D.; Gomez, V. J.; Ul Hassan Alvi, N.; Manuel, J. M.; Morales, F. M.; Jimenez, J. J.; Garcia, R.; Senichev, A.; Lienau, C.; Calleja, E.; Nötzel, R.;
Near-infrared emitting In-rich InGaN layers grown directly on Si: Towards the whole composition range :. Applied Physics Letters 106 (7), 072102/1 (2015)
Baldsiefen, T.; Cangi, A.; Gross, E. K. U.;
Reduced-density-matrix-functional theory at finite temperature: Theoretical foundations :. Physical Review A 92 (5), 052514/1 (2015)
Bauer, J.; Hähnel, A.; Blumtritt, H.; Deniz, H.; Zuschlag, A.; Breitenstein, O.;
Do lomer dislocations spoil high performance of mc-Si solar cells? :. Energy Procedia 77, 565 (2015)
Borisov, V. S.; Ostanin, S.; Achilles, S.; Henk, J.; Mertig, I.;
Spin-dependent transport in a multiferroic tunnel junction: Theory for Co/PbTiO_3/Co :. Physical Review B 92 (7), 075137/1 (2015)
Borisov, V. S.; Ostanin, S.; Mertig, I.;
Two-dimensional electron gas and its electric control at the interface between ferroelectric and antiferromagnetic insulator studied from first principles :. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 17 (12), 12812 (2015)
Brandt, I. S.; Wei, Z.; Schumann, F. O.; Kirschner, J.;
Positron-electron pairs emitted from metallic and oxide surfaces :. Physical Review B 92 (15), 155106/1 (2015)
Breitenstein, O.; Bauer, J.; Hinken, D.; Bothe, K.;
The reliabilty of thermography- and luminescence-based series resistance and saturation current density imaging :. Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 137, 50 (2015)
Breitenstein, O.; Bauer, J.; Hinken, D.; Bothe, K.;
Towards an improved Laplacian-based photoluminescence image evaluation method :. Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 142, 92 (2015)
Breitenstein, O.; Fertig, F.; Bauer, J.;
An empirical method for imaging the short-circuit current density in silicon solar cells based on dark lock-in thermography :. Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 143, 406 (2015)
Cangi, A.; Pribram-Jones, A.;
Efficient formalism for warm dense matter simulations :. Physical Review B 92 (16), 16113(R)/1 (2015)
Castro, A.; Rubio, A.; Gross, E. K. U.;
Enhancing and controlling single-atom high-harmonic generation spectra: A time-dependent density-functional scheme :. European Physical Journal B 88 (8), 191/1 (2015)
Chadova, K.; Fedorov, D. V.; Herschbach, C.; Gradhand, M.; Mertig, I.; Ködderitzsch, D.; Ebert, H.;
Separation of the individual contributions to the spin Hall effect in dilute alloys within the first-principles Kubo-St˛heckrreda approach :. Physical Review B 92 (4), 045120/1 (2015)
Chiang, C. -. T.; Huth, M.; Trützschler, A.; Kiel, M.; Schumann, F. O.; Kirschner, J.; Widdra, W.;
Boosting laboratory photoelectron spectroscopy by megahertz high-order harmonics :. New Journal of Physics 17 (1), 013035/1 (2015)
Chopra, A.; Alexe, M.; Hesse, D.;
Fabrication and orientation control of highly cation-ordered epitaxial PbSc_0.5O_3 thin films on Si(100) :. Journal of Applied Physics 117 (4), 044102/1 (2015)
Coll, M.; Gazquez, J.; Fina, I.; Khayat, Z.; Quindeau, A.; Alexe, M.; Varela, M.; Trolier-McKinstry, S.; Obradors, X.; Puig, T.;
Nanocrystalline ferroelectric BiFeO_3 thin films by low-temperature atomic layer deposition :. Chemistry of Materials 27, 6322 (2015)
Das, S.; Herklotz, A.; Pippel, E.; Guo, E. J.; Rata, D.; Dörr, K.;
Strain dependence of antiferromagnetic interface coupling in La_0.7\}Sr_\{0.3MnO_3/SrRuO_3 superlattices :. Physical Review B 91 (13), 134405/1 (2015)
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