Research report 2012 - German Climate Computation Center

CMIP5 - Climate simulations and data base for the next IPCC report

Legutke, Stephanie; Kindermann, Stephan; Glushak, Ksenia; Böttinger, Michael; Lautenschlager, Michael
Abteilung „Datenmanagement“
Abteilung „Anwendung“
The German contribution to the CMIP5 project and to the climate model database for the 5th IPCC report has been generated at the DKRZ with the Earth system model of the MPI for Meteorologie. Three model configurations have been used in 482 simulations according to the CMIP5 data protocol. A total of 61 TB of data is available now. Some of the CMIP5 model results will be downscaled over Africa or Europe in the framework of the CORDEX project. The German activities are embedded in a worldwide collaborative project. All model results will be available in the Earth System Grid Federation (ESGF).

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