Research report 2012 - German Climate Computation Center

Measures to boost energy efficiency at DKRZ

Garternicht, Ulf; Vogt, Gerald; Meyer, Jana
Abteilung "Systeme" in Zusammenarbeit mit Firma Cofely
The power consumption at DKRZ for the high performance computing system Blizzard, disk systems, other IT-infrastructure and the cooling systems adds up to 2 MW. In 2011 the power input reached 17 GWh causing energy costs of 1.85 million Euro. DKRZ works intensively on the optimization of its energy efficiency: cold aisle and hot aisle housings for Blizzard were built and the cooling water circuits as well as the refrigerating machines were optimized. According to the measures being taken 750 MWH respectively 425 tons CO2 and thus about 100.000 Euro of the running costs can be saved per year.

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