Research report 2012 - Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light

Ultrashort light propagation in hollow-core photonic crystal fibers: recent theoretical advances


Biancalana, F.; Saleh, F. M.; Hölzer, P.; Chang, W.; Travers, J. C.; Joly, N. Y.; Nazarkin, A.; Russell, P. St.J.


Nichtlineare photonische Nanostrukturen

Solid-core photonic crystal fibers have opened new possibilities in nonlinear fiber optics, due to the flexibility in engineering their dispersion properties by changing the cladding structure. However, in recent years, researchers are starting to explore the revolutionary properties of hollow-core photonic crystal fibers, which can be filled with a variety of gases to explore their molecular or atomic properties. Here we report on some recent theoretical advances in the description of intense and ultrashort light propagation in such media, leading to some beautiful and surprising physics.

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