Research report 2012 - Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics

Quantum electrodynamics put on a test bench

Sturm, Sven; Blaum, Klaus; Harman, Zoltán; Keitel, Christoph H.; Köhler, Florian; Wagner, Anke; Zatorski, Jacek
Gespeicherte und gekühlte Ionen
Theoretische Quantendynamik und Quantenelektrodynamik
The validity of the standard model of physics, even in extreme environments, can be tested by high precision measurements of values that are predicted by theory. For a single 28Si13+ ion, stored for several months in a Penning trap, the magnetic moment of the electron bound to the nucleus was measured to 11 digits precision, confirming the corresponding calculations. This constitutes to date the most stringent test of quantum electrodynamics of bound states.

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