The Max Planck Science Gallery is closed

Many thanks to our visitors!

The Max Planck Science Gallery embodied a new generation of interactive scientific presentation – a walk-through digital installation, partly as a reaction to social networks and the mobile Internet. The interactive media space for experience and interaction offered fascinating insights into the world of Max Planck researchers and allowed visitors to learn about a new topic on a revolving quarterly basis.

The Max Planck Science Gallery provided a multimedial gateway into the world of cutting-edge research. Thanks to a wealth of sensational images and fascinating research methods from 80 Max Planck institutes and their partners, the Max Planck Science Gallery succeeded in taking visitors into the conceptual realms of top basic research using highly original and interactive methods. As if in a three-dimensional website, visitors could access information themselves by clicking on touchscreens and surfing through the exhibition.

The Max Planck Science Gallery was aimed at an audience interested in social, scientific and cultural issues, representatives from the fields of politics, business, the sciences and the media, and, in particular, enthusiastic young people.

The Max Planck Science Gallery was located in the “Science Forum” on the Gendarmenmarkt, where the Max Planck Society’s offices in the German capital are also found.

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