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The Max Planck Society now has a company page in Facebook - in German and English

July 01, 2010

The target group: young international junior scientists. They frequent the largest and fastest growing social network and are interesting for the MPG as "High Potentials". In order to reach applicants and to draw attention to ourselves, we publish job vacancies, videos and news, and thus provide initial starting points for direct contact.

What is it like working at the Max Planck Society? At which institutes and in which disciplines can I obtain my doctorate? What are the research topics? Young scientists can find answers to these questions at "Max Planck Society"- with more than 550 "friends" in less than three months - and on the only recently created German Facebook page "Max-Planck-Gesellschaft". The visitors to our pages originate from more than 25 different countries - most of them from the USA, Great Britain, Netherlands, Italy, Turkey, Spain and India. More than half are aged between 18 and 34.

For the future, the Press Office of the MPG is planning advertising campaigns to expressly support the recruiting efforts of the International Max Planck Research Schools (IMPRS). Banner advertisements will be placed on other web and Facebook pages that are relevant to the target group - for instance, on job hunting portals. Anyone who has a Facebook account can additionally publish news, suggestions and comments on the pin board. We are looking forward to your visit and lively discussions.

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