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Issue 2014

Heft 2014

On Time – For Sure
When a computer takes forever to load a website, it may be annoying, but it is nothing more serious than that. If, however, the electronics in a car or a plane don’t process commands exactly when they are supposed to, the consequences can be fatal. Björn Brandenburg and his team at the Max Planck Institute for Software Systems in Kaiserslautern and Saarbrücken study how to construct real-time systems in such a way that it can be proven that they always react on time.
Issue 2011

MPR 3 /2011

Spies in the Service of Security
From e-mailing to online banking, the things we do on our computers on a daily basis are fraught with risks.

MPR 1 /2011

The Echo of Digital Tweets
Twitter, Facebook and their ilk – social media are increasingly dominating the Internet. But how do messages spread across these new platforms? What role does a small clique of superinfluentials play?
Issue 2009

MPR 3 /2009

Tough Tests for Software
Personal Portrait: Andrey Rybalchenko
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