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Research publications 2017

Shining a spotlight on the machinery of life

August 24, 2017

Using a plasmonic nanosensor, it is possible to observe enzymes and how they move without a marker [more]


Quantum communication with a satellite

July 10, 2017

In the future, it will be possible to use quantum cryptography in global communication by transmitting quantum information from orbit [more]


Helically twisted photonic crystal fibres

July 07, 2017

Yearbook 2017 article from the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light [more]


Research highlights from our yearbook

June 22, 2017

The yearbook of the Max Planck Society illustrates the research carried out at our institutes. We selected a few reports from our 2017 yearbook to illustrate the variety and diversity of topics and projects. [more]


Optical fibre with Einstein effect

February 14, 2017

Twisted photonic crystal fibres guide light by a mechanism similar to the bending of light rays by large celestial masses [more]


Light microscopy provides a deep look into protein structure

January 23, 2017

An innovative fluorescence microscopy method makes it possible to image protein structures with a resolution of less than half an Angstrom [more]

Research publications 2016

A tiny switch for a few particles of light

April 28, 2016

A single molecule allows a beam of light with a few photons to be controlled - a step towards the photonic computer [more]

Research publications 2015

Classical entanglement: Speeding particles in the sights of a laser

November 23, 2015

A radially polarized laser beam acts as a motion sensor for fast particles [more]


Photonic crystal fibre: a multi-purpose sensor

June 30, 2015

A flying microbead in a hollow glass fibre measures temperature, vibrations and electric fields with high spatial resolution. [more]


Interaction of tailored light with a single atom and individual nanostructures

June 24, 2015

By adapting a mode of the light field to a system under study, the interaction of light with matter can be optimized [more]


Light: World record in colour

March 13, 2015

A photonic crystal fibre generates light from the ultraviolet to the mid-infrared region of the spectrum [more]


Light in the Möbius strip

February 10, 2015

A Möbius strip created from laser light opens up new possibilities for material processing and for micro- and nanotechnology [more]

Research publications 2014

A molecule in an optical whispering gallery

September 22, 2014

With the help of a microsphere and a nanowire, single unlabelled biomolecules can be detected through light [more]


The shadow of a disease

September 12, 2014

Proteins such as tumour markers can be easily and sensitively detected by their scattered light [more]


Squeezed quantum communication

August 26, 2014

New prospects for secure data traffic: Light in particularly sensitive quantum states can be transmitted through the atmosphere [more]


Hollow optical fibres for UV light

July 03, 2014

New optical waveguides improve precision investigations in physics, chemistry and life sciences [more]


A new quantum memory on the horizon

May 13, 2014

Sensitive measurements can be used to detect signals from an individual ion in a crystal [more]

Research publications 2013

The invention of the light wheel

June 24, 2013

A new type of light wave extends the possibilities in biology, physics and nanotechnology [more]

Research publications 2012

Fibres with a filtering effect

August 06, 2012

Twisted photonic crystal fibres suppress specific optical wavelengths [more]


Light pulses take a quantum walk

March 20, 2012

Quantum random motions can now be simulated in two dimensions, providing new insights into the behaviour of quantum objects [more]


The smallest radio stations in the world

March 08, 2012

Individual photons, transmitted from one molecule to another, could be used to carry quantum information [more]

Research publications 2010

Random numbers game with quantum dice

September 09, 2010

A simple device measures the quantum noise of vacuum fluctuations and generates true random numbers [more]


Photons led astray

February 16, 2010

Max Planck physicists develop an experiment to investigate the random motion of quantum particles [more]

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