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Issue 2014


Quantum World in a Cube
Nanoelectronics is at once a promise and a challenge. Within their tiny dimensions, electrons, the drivers of electronic circuits, exhibit some exotic quantum effects. Using ultrasensitive techniques, researchers in Klaus Kern’s department at the Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research in Stuttgart are studying the behavior of electrons in nanostructures.
Issue 2011

MPR 3 /2011

Aromatic Chips

MPR 2 /2011

Superconductivity Is Pair Work
Electric cables that routinely conduct electricity without loss – physicists have been motivated by this idea ever since superconductivity was discovered 100 years ago.
Issue 2010

MPR 4 /2010

Blood Samples Undergo Nanotesting
Researchers aim to revolutionize blood sample analysis with highly sensitive diagnostic chips.
Issue 2009

MPR Special "Innovation" /2009

Pioneers between the Poles
Rechargeable lithium batteries have a big future as energy storage. Discoveries by Joachim Maier and his co-workers in the field of nanoionics help boost their performance.
Issue 2008
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