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Research publications 2016

Strength and ductility for alloys

May 24, 2016

Thanks to a new strategy in the development of materials related to steel, high strength and ductility are no longer mutually exclusive [more]

Research publications 2015

Nano-beads for the steel forge

September 11, 2015

The crystal structure of metals can change at linear defects, which should affect the properties of the materials [more]

Research publications 2014

Skin with high rust protection factor

June 03, 2014

In industrialized countries, corrosion guzzles up to 4 percent of economic performance annually. Consequently, scientists working with Martin Stratmann and Michael Rohwerderat the Max-Planck-Institut für Eisenforschung (Iron Research) in Düsseldorf are developing synthetic coatings that can protect steels and other metals from rust and heal themselves if they become damaged. [more]

Research publications 2013

Rust protection from nanocapsules

November 06, 2013

Containers made of a conductive polymer only open in the presence of corrosion and release anticorrosive payloads [more]


Disorder creates rust protection

August 08, 2013

A material’s nanostructure is decisive in determining how resistant it is against corrosion


Research publications 2007
Research publications 2006

Nanostructures in 3D

February 22, 2006

Max Planck researchers from Düsseldorf unveil the first three-dimensional electron microscope for examining nanomaterials structure [more]

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