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Issue 2015

MaxPlanckResearch - 2/2015

Peace – Europe’s Polyphonic Promise

Brussels determines the direction in many policy fields, but in European foreign, security and defense policy, it’s the member states that set the tone - not the EU. When it comes to international peace talks or emergency meetings, such as the one held recently over the crisis in Ukraine, it’s the national foreign ministers and not the EU foreign policy chief taking the lead. However, given the challenges for peace and security in Europe, our author holds that this is an outdated model: it’s time for the member states to act in concert.
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MPR 2 /2010

A Continent Learns Democracy
Civil wars, famine, corrupt governments: Africa just doesn’t seem to be able to find peace.
Nevertheless, some positive prospects are opening up.
Issue 2009

MPR 2 /2009

The Cautious Path to a Stable State
Afghanistan is an oppressed country and needs help from the international community. The opportunities are many and varied.
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