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Issue 2012

MaxPlanckResearch 4/2012

In Pursuit of Happiness
Among employees in Germany, job satisfaction has been falling since the mid-1980s – an alarming finding. At the Max Planck Institute of Economics in Jena, researchers working with Martin Binder are studying the role that different forms of employment and states of health can play – and the circumstances under which this could be politically relevant.
Issue 2010

MPR 1 /2010

How the Laser Came to Light
It took decades for the laser to become established in CD players, cutting robots and as a scalpel – its development shows how a new technology takes hold.
Issue 2009

MPR 2 /2009

A Game for Life
Our economic decisions are not driven solely by a desire to maximize personal gain.
Issue 2007

MPR 3 /2007

The Economics of Resort Holidays
We can’t seem to get enough of traveling. Evolutionary
economists suspect that this is our way of satisfying
numerous needs – including the need for good health.
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