Call for Applications for New Independent Junior Research Groups

Candidates are invited to apply for the position of group leader at a Max Planck Institute of their choice by January 10, 2007, submitting own project proposals

December 01, 2006

The Max Planck Society is increasing its number of Independent Junior Research Groups for outstanding young scientists. Junior scientists and researchers from all nations are invited to apply to head such groups by January 10, 2007. For a period of five years, the Max Planck Society will assume all necessary costs for personnel, resources and investments so that the heads of the junior research groups are able to implement their self-determined research project at the Max Planck Institute of their choice.

Since 1969 the Max Planck Society has been providing outstanding young scientists with the opportunity of performing autonomous research by heading Independent Junior Research Groups at Max Planck Institutes. To date, over 100 top researchers have begun their careers as internationally successful scientists in such facilities. The Max Planck Society is currently supporting a total of 50 Independent Junior Research Groups.

The new Independent Junior Research Groups are set up by the Max Planck Society as part of the "Research and Innovation Pact." This, as well as other measures to foster young scientists and to promote excellent basic research, is being supported by German federal and state governments with a promise of a minimum of three percent annual growth to the Max Planck Society’s budget until the year 2010.

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