Partnership with prospects

Science needs business, just as much as business needs science. India’s example shows once again that economic success relies, above all, on investment in education and research.

November 24, 2012

One of the world’s booming growth markets, India, is currently experiencing an economic miracle. As India’s most important trading partner, Germany has a very special role in the European Union, underpinned by the close relationship that has endured between Germany and India for over sixty years. Environmental and climate protection, combating international terrorism, global trade and energy security, the sub-continent plays a key role in all of these. And yet too few people benefit from its flourishing economy: disease, hunger, the clear divide between town and country, rich and poor combine to hamper growth prospects.

The most pressing challenges of the 21st century can only be overcome through close cooperation between business, science and politics. Siemens and the Max Planck Society have therefore joined forces to organise a high-level conference in New Delhi entitled “Future Dialogue”, which will bring together business leaders, top politicians and scientists from all over the world. The conference will also mark the commencement of Germany Year in India. The theme of the conference, “Megacities”, directly references the impact of rapidly increasing urbanisation and migration in India.

Initially, people may be surprised to see a global business group like Siemens and an internationally networked organisation for fundamental research like the Max Planck Society coming together to analyse the mega-issues of our times. But in our high-tech world, which grows more complex by the day, it is only by combining basic research and industrial application that we can protect the wellbeing of humankind long-term and provide answers to pressing global problems. Driven by curiosity, basic researchers push the boundaries of our current knowledge - the only way to open up completely new, undreamt of applications for industry. However, only industry can apply this groundbreaking knowledge derived from basic research. It is precisely this symbiotic partnership with clearly defined roles that produces the necessary technological push and opens the way for breakthrough innovations.

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