Research report 2007 - Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems, Stuttgart site

Probing interface molecular properties: from engineered flat surfaces to in situ micro- and nanoparticle systems

Roke, Sylvie

Nichtlineare Spektroskopie an biologischen Grenzflächen (MPG) (Dr. Sylvie Roke)
MPI für Metallforschung, Stuttgart

Interfaces are important locations for an enormous variety of physical, chemical and biological processes. In reality most interfaces are part of complex (soft matter) systems, such as cell membranes or emulsions. In the last decades it has become possible to address structural and dynamical questions relating to flat interfaces under ambient conditions, by probing them with nonlinear optical techniques. If one combines light scattering with nonlinear optical processes it becomes even possible to investigate interfaces of dispersed particles in situ.

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