Research report 2005 - Max Planck Institute of Immunobiology and Epigenetics

Notch signaling and its key role in the neural stem cell differentiation

Taylor, Verdon

Molekulare Embryologie (Prof. Dr. Rolf Kemler)
MPI für Immunbiologie, Freiburg

Understanding the mechanisms that control the maintenance and differentiation of stem cells in the central nervous system of mammals is a key question in developmental and regenerative neurobiology. As the population ages, the occurrence of diseases that afflict the nervous system are becoming of prime importance and currently there are no therapies for the maintenance or replacement of neurons lost due to disease or damage in the brain. Scientists at the MPI for Immune Biology have focused on the identification of neural stem cells in the mammalian central nervous system, determining the niche and mechanisms that control neural stem cell development and addressing their potential for therapeutic cell replacement.

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