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Fact check: Juvenile crime
Despite being widely perceived as a threat, today’s teenagers are more law-abiding than previous generations. It is therefore worth looking at the facts and figures behind the headlines. more
More rain in winter, more droughts in summer
A new report summarizes how climate change is affecting the water cycle in Germany more
'It’s a miracle that there are still chimpanzees at all'
Interview with primate researcher Christophe Boesch who has been researching chimpanzees in the Ivory Coast for over 35 years. more
A status symbol to die for
Three rhinoceroses are killed in South Africa each day, their horns chopped off and sold illegally on international markets. more
Taxes that vanish into thin air
International corporations such as Apple, Starbucks and Amazon have for years successfully avoided paying tax on their corporate profits. Aided by the tax competition between states, they shift their money to countries that have low tax rates and guarantee to levy tax only on domestic profits. Our author explains why it is by no means easy for the international community to counter these tricks. more
Emmanuelle Charpentier
For Emmanuelle Charpentier, deciphering the functioning of an enzyme previously known only to experts was a life-changing moment more
“We still know far too little about bird flu”
Wolfgang Fiedler, an ornithologist at the Radolfzell Ornithological Station, pleads for more research leading to a better understanding of transmission paths more
The trend for isolationism in international law
International agreements are being increasingly called into question – not only in the USA more
“We are trying to develop CO2 as a source of carbon”
Tobias Erb discusses a synthetic metabolic pathway that fixes carbon dioxide and synthetic biology more
Back to the past
The worst case scenario has now materialized. The United Kingdom is to leave the European Union. While the Brexit campaigners clearly failed to give sufficient consideration to the legal and economic consequences of this step, the European Union is also inadequately prepared for this scenario. more
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