Research report 2023 - Max Planck Institute for Legal History and Legal Theory

A legal order beyond state law?

Collin, Peter; Ebbertz, Matthias; Vesper, Tim-Niklas; Wolf, Johanna
Abteilung Thomas Duve: Historische Normativitätsregime, Gemeinschaftsprojekt ‚Nichtstaatliches Recht der Wirtschaft. Die normative Ordnung der Arbeitsbeziehungen in der Metallindustrie vom Kaiserreich bis in die frühe Bundesrepublik‘
The world of work is full of rules. In Germany, these are usually equated with “labour law”, consisting mainly of state legislation interpreted and developed by state courts. The history of labour, however, shows that its normative order largely arose out of non-state rules. It includes not only collective bargaining agreements but also a plethora of other sets of rules specific to an individual company, a particular economic sector or a region. Our project aims to create a digital collection of these norms and to reconstruct the normative order of the world of work beyond statutory law.

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