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Pujara, N.; Arguedas-Leiva, J.-A.; Lalescu, C. C.; Bramas, B.; Wilczek, M.: Shape- and scale-dependent coupling between spheroids and velocity gradients in turbulence. The Journal of Fluid Mechanics 922, R6 (2021)
Journal Article
Germaschewski, K.; Allen, B.; Dannert, T.; Hrywniak, M.; Donaghy, J.; Merlo, G.; Ethier, S.; D'Azevedo, E.; Jenko, F.; Bhattacharjee, A.: Toward exascale whole-device modeling of fusion devices: Porting the GENE gyrokinetic microturbulence code to GPU. Physics of Plasmas 28, 062501 (2021)
Journal Article
Lalescu, C. C.; Wilczek, M.: Transitions of turbulent superstructures in generalized Kolmogorov flow. Physical Review Research 3 (2), L022010 (2021)
Journal Article
Buchfink, B.; Reuter, K.; Drost, H.-G.: Sensitive protein alignments at tree-of-life scale using DIAMOND. Nature methods 18, pp. 366 - 368 (2021)
Journal Article
da Silva, M. C.; Lorke, M.; Aradi, B.; Farzalipour Tabriz, M.; Frauenheim, T.; Rubio, A.; Rocca, D.; Deák, P.: Self-consistent potential correction for charged periodic systems. Physical Review Letters 126, 076401 (2021)
Journal Article
Li, Y.; Zhou, X.; Colnaghi, T.; Wei, Y.; Marek, A.; Li, H.; Bauer, S.; Rampp, M.; Stephenson, L. T.: Convolutional neural network-assisted recognition of nanoscale L12 ordered structures in face-centred cubic alloys. npj Computational Materials 7 (2021), 8 (2021)

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Working Paper
Konrad, U.; Förstner, K.; Reetz, J.; Wannemacher, K.; Kett, J.; Mannseicher, F.: Digital services for science – where is the journey heading? Zenodo (2021)

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High-performance computing and data science in the Max Planck Society. Max Planck Computing and Data Facility, Garching, Germany (2021)
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