Thesis - PhD (14)

Thesis - PhD
Luda di Cortemiglia, T.: Integrated modeling of tokamak plasma confinement combining core and edge pedestal physics. Dissertation, 165 pp., Aix-Marseille Universite, Marseille (2020)
Thesis - PhD
Maurer, M.: GENE-3D – a global gyrokinetic turbulence code for stellarators and perturbed tokamaks. Dissertation, 165 pp., Technische Universität München, München (2020)
Thesis - PhD
Nille, D. J.: Bayesian Inference of Heat Load Patterns in ASDEX Upgrade. Dissertation, Technische Universität Graz, Graz (2020)
Thesis - PhD
Pan, O.: Power exhaust in future alternative divertor configurations for the ASDEX Upgrade tokamak. Dissertation, 112 pp., Technische Universität München, München (2020)
Thesis - PhD
Perseo, V.: Impurity flow measurements with Coherence Imaging Spectroscopy at Wendelstein 7-X. Dissertation, 155 pp., Universität Greifswald, Greifswald (2020)
Thesis - PhD
Suarez Lopez, G.: Effect of non-axisymmetric tokamak plasmas on the coupling performance of ion cyclotron wave antennas. Dissertation, 112 pp., Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, München (2020)
Thesis - PhD
Sytova, E.: Modeling of ITER and ASDEX Upgrade detached plasmas using the SOLPS-ITER code with drifts and currents. Dissertation, 119 pp., Max-Planck-Institut für Plasmaphysik/Ghent University/Aix-Marseille Université, Garching/Ghent/Aix-en-Provence, Marseille (2020)
Thesis - PhD
Wielunska, B. D.: Characterization of Radiation Damage in Tungsten. Dissertation, 162 pp., Technische Universität München, München (2020)

Thesis - Diploma (1)

Thesis - Diploma
Kurz, J. M.: Preemptive NTM suppression with JANET++ and ECCD at ASDEX Upgrade. Diploma, 94 pp., Technische Universität Wien, Wien (2020)

Thesis - Master (10)

Thesis - Master
Brucker, M.: Influence of oxygen on deuterium retention and release in tungsten. Master, 92 pp., Universität Ulm, Ulm (2020)
Thesis - Master
Herrero Alvarez de Araya, R.: Calculation of the thermal stress on target tiles for the new upper divertor in ASDEX Upgrade. Master, 96 pp., Technische Universität München, München (2020)
Thesis - Master
Kiefer, C.: Application of theory-based transport models on tokamak plasmas with different main ion species. Master, 124 pp., Universität Ulm, Ulm (2020)
Thesis - Master
Nelde, P.: Influence of Systematic Errors on the Electron Density and Temperature Measured with Thomson Scattering at W7-X. Master, 125 pp., Technische Universität Berlin, Berlin (2020)
Thesis - Master
Popa, V.-A.: Workflow-based energetic particle stability analysis of projected ITER plasmas. Master, 73 pp., Technische Universität München, München (2020)
Thesis - Master
Puchmayr, J.: Optimization of Pedestal Stability on ASDEX Upgrade. Master, 72 pp., Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, München (2020)
Thesis - Master
Roessel, A. v.: Convolutional Neural Networks for the In-Situ Investigation of Blistering on Plasma-Exposed Metal Surfaces. Master, 137 pp., Technische Universität München, München (2020)
Thesis - Master
Schwarz, N.: Vertical Displacement Events in ASDEX Upgrade. Master, 109 pp., Universität Heidelberg, Heidelberg (2020)
Thesis - Master
Spanier, A.: Characterisation of Neutral Beam Injection into the Wendelstein 7-X Stellarator. Master, 99 pp., Technische Universität Berlin, Berlin (2020)
Thesis - Master
Zimmermann, C. F. B.: Feasibility of Extracting Momentum Transport Coefficients from NBI Modulation Experiments in ASDEX Upgrade. Master, 101 pp., Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, München (2020)

Thesis - Bachelor (5)

Thesis - Bachelor
Brenner, J.: Purely ECR-heated H-modes in ASDEX Upgrade – modeling with TGLF the effect of EC deposition on central ion temperature. Bachelor, 31 pp., Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, München (2020)
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