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Weber, C. P.; Berggren, B. S.; Masten, M. G.; Ogloza, T. C.; Deckoff-Jones, S.; Madéo, J.; Man, M. K. L.; Dani, K. M.; Zhao, L.; Chen, G. et al.; Liu, J.; Mao, Z.; Schoop, L. M.; Lotsch, B. V.; Parkin, S. S. P.; Ali, M.: Similar ultrafast dynamics of several dissimilar Dirac and Weyl semimetals. Journal of Applied Physics 122 (22), 223102 (2017)
Journal Article
Fumarola, A.; Sidler, S.; Moon, K.; Jang, J.; Shelby, R. M.; Narayanan, P.; Leblebici, Y.; Hwang, H.; Burr, G. W.: Bidirectional non-filamentary RRAM as an analog neuromorphic synapse, part II: Impact of Al/Mo/Pr0.7Ca0.3MnO3 device characteristics on neural network training accuracy. IEEE journal of the Electron Devices Society 6, pp. 169 - 178 (2017)
Journal Article
Moon, K.; Fumarola, A.; Sidler, S.; Jang, J.; Narayanan, P.; Shelby, R. M.; Burr, G. W.; Hwang, H.: Bidirectional non-filamentary RRAM as an analog neuromorphic synapse, part I: Al/Mo/Pr0.7Ca0.3MnO3 material improvements and device measurements. IEEE journal of the Electron Devices Society 6, pp. 146 - 155 (2017)
Journal Article
Nayak, A. K.; Kumar, V.; Ma, T.; Werner, P.; Pippel, E.; Sahoo, R.; Damay, F.; Rößler, U. K.; Felser, C.; Parkin, S. S. P.: Magnetic antiskyrmions above room temperature in tetragonal Heusler materials. Nature 548, pp. 561 - 566 (2017)
Journal Article
Flores Livas, J. A.; Sanna, A.; Graužinytė, M.; Davydov, A.; Goedecker, S.; Marques, M. A. L.: Emergence of superconductivity in doped H2O ice at high pressure. Scientific Reports 7, 6825 (2017)
Journal Article
Flores-Livas, J. A.; Sanna, A.; Drozdov, A. P.; Boeri, L.; Profeta, G.; Eremets, M.; Goedecker, S.: Interplay between structure and superconductivity: Metastable phases of phosphorus under pressure. Physical Review Materials 1 (2), 024802 (2017)
Journal Article
Monni, M.; Bernardini, F.; Sanna, A.; Profeta, G.; Massidda, S.: Origin of the critical temperature discontinuity in superconducting sulfur under high pressure. Physical Review B 95 (6), 064516 (2017)
Journal Article
Flores-Livas, J. A.; Sanna, A.; Goedecker, S.: Accelerated materials design approaches based on structural classification: Application to low enthalpy high pressure phases of SH3 and SeH3. Novel Superconducting Materials 3 (1), pp. 6 - 13 (2017)

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Book Chapter
Sanna, A.: Introduction to superconducting density functional theory. In: The Physics of Correlated Insulators, Metals, and Superconductors. Lecture Notes of the Autumns School on Correlated Electrons 2017, Schriften des Forschungszentrums Jülich. Reihe Modeling and Simulation., Vol. 7, 16 (Eds. Parini, E.; Koch, E.; Scalettar, R.; Martin, R.). Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH, Institute for Advanced Simulation, Jülich, Germany (2017)
Book Chapter
Profeta, G.; Tresca, C.; Sanna, A.: Electron-phonon coupling in two-dimensional superconductors: Doped graphene and phosphorene. In: GraphITA. Selected papers from the Workshop on Synthesis, Characterization and Technological Exploitation of Graphene and 2D Materials beyond Graphene, Carbon Nanostructures, pp. 31 - 45 (Eds. Morandi, V.; Ottaviano, L.). Springer International Publishing AG, Cham, Switzerland (2017)
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