Thesis - PhD (15)

Thesis - PhD
Krannig, K.-S.: Smart biohybrid polymers: synthesis and structures of novel glycopolypeptides. Dissertation, 165 pp., Universität Potsdam, Potsdam (2013)
Thesis - PhD
Maglinao, M.: C-type lectin receptors in cell-specific targeting and malaria infection. Dissertation, 129 pp., Freie Universität Berlin, Berlin (2013)
Thesis - PhD
Men, Y.: Poly(ionic liquid)-based thermoresponsive polymers and porous carbon materials. Dissertation, 101 pp., Universität Potsdam, Potsdam (2013)
Thesis - PhD
Mosca, S.: β3R3-peptides - peptidomimetic foldamers for biomedical applications: design, structure and activity. Dissertation, 138 pp., Freie Universität Berlin, Berlin (2013)
Thesis - PhD
Patra, P.: Population dynamics of bacterial persistence. Dissertation, 118 pp., Universität Potsdam, Potsdam (2013)
Thesis - PhD
Robinson, J. W.: Novel poly(N-substituted glycine)s: synthesis, post-modification, and physical properties. Dissertation, 138 pp., Universität Potsdam, Potsdam (2013)
Thesis - PhD
Soll, S.: Structural properties and functional materials of Vinylimidazolium-type Poly(Ionic Liquid)s. Dissertation, 127 pp., Universität Potsdam, Potsdam (2013)
Thesis - PhD
Yu, L. H.: Hydrothermal synthesis of carbon and carbon nanocomposite materials for environmental and energy applications. Dissertation, 103 pp., Universität Potsdam, Potsdam (2013)

Thesis - Habilitation (1)

Thesis - Habilitation
Titirici, M. M.: Hydrothermal Carbonisation: A Sustainable Alternative to Versatile Carbon Materials. Habilitation, Universität Potsdam, Potsdam (2013)

Thesis - Master (10)

Thesis - Master
Blaszkiewicz, J.: The Potential of Hydroxylated Poly(N-alkyl glycine)s as Antifreeze Additives. Master, Universität Potsdam, Potsdam (2013)
Thesis - Master
Doriti, A.: Synthesis of Functionalized Polypeptides. Master, 41 pp., Universität Potsdam, Potsdam (2013)
Thesis - Master
Fernandez-Castano, M.: Sustainable Building Blocks for Polymers. Master, 37 pp., Universität Potsdam, Potsdam (2013)
Thesis - Master
Führer, F.: Biobasierte, bioabbaubare Polymere via azyklischer Dien Metathese Polymerisation. Master, Freie Universität, Berlin (2013)
Thesis - Master
Knaack, J. U. P.: Synthesis of Glycopeptides for Evaluating the Influence of N-Glycan Core-Fucosylation on Protease Activity. Master, 70 pp., Freie Universität, Berlin (2013)
Thesis - Master
Metzke, S.: Synthesis and Characterization of Transition Metal Nitrides and Carbides for Catalysis and Electrochemistry Application. Master, 69 pp., Universität Potsdam, Potsdam (2013)
Thesis - Master
Poremski, S.: Towards the De Novo Synthesis of Pseudaminic Acid. Master, 61 pp., Freie Universität, Berlin (2013)
Thesis - Master
Wang, H.: Functionalization of Soft Colloidal Probes for Biosensing. Master, 55 pp., Freie Universität, Berlin (2013)
Thesis - Master
Zhukova, Y.: Synthesis of porous PEG-protein particles by hard templating with CaCO3. Master, 75 pp., Freie Universität, Berlin (2013)
Thesis - Master
Zimmermann, S.: The murine C-type lectin receptor Mincle: Functional characterization, ligand specificity, and its role in inflammation. Master, 74 pp., Universität Potsdam, Potsdam (2013)

Report (1)

Aoki-Kinoshita, K. F.; Sawaki, H.; An, H. J.; Campbell, M.; Cao, Q.; Cummings, R.; Hsu, D. K.; Kato, M.; Kawasaki, T.; Khoo, K.-H. et al.; Kim, J.; Kolarich, D.; Li, X.; Liu, M.; Matsubara, M.; Okuda, S.; Packer, N. H.; Ranzinger, R.; Shen, H.; Shikanai, T.; Shinmachi, D.; Toukach, P.; Yamada, I.; Yamaguchi, Y.; Yang, P.; Ying, W.; Yoo, J. S.; Zhang, Y.; Zhang, Y.; Narimatsu, H.: The fifth ACGG-DB meeting report: towards an international glycan structure repository (Glycobiology, 23). (2013), 3 pp.
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