Thesis - Master (58)

Thesis - Master
Paul, M.: Verarbeitung von Intonationsphrasen im Alter von 36 Monaten: Tonhöhe als akustischer Parameter zur Grenzmarkierung. Master, Goethe University Frankfurt a. M. (2014)
Thesis - Master
Huntenburg, J. M.: Evaluating nonlinear coregistration of BOLD EPI and T1w images. Master, Freie Universität, Berlin (2014)
Thesis - Master
Oligschläger, S.: Differentiating brain organization underlying components of cognitive control: An investigation of individual differences using intrinsic functional connectivity. Master, Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience, Maastricht University (2014)
Thesis - Master
Borowiak, K.: Neural processing of vocal sounds in autism spectrum disorders. Master, Free University Berlin, Germany (2013)
Thesis - Master
Ruisinger, A.: Structural connectivity between auditory thalamus and primary auditory cortex in developmental dyslexia. Master, University of Potsdam (2013)
Thesis - Master
Schröder, M.: Effekte eines auditiven Hörtrainings auf sprachliche Fähigkeiten bei dyslektischen und normallesenden Erwachsenen. Master, Martin Luther Universität Halle (2013)
Thesis - Master
Haueis, P.: Vagueness and neuroanatomy: Philosophy of scientific and practice and the fuzzy boundaries between cortical areas. Master, Humboldt University, Berlin (2012)
Thesis - Master
Huber, L.: Magnetic resonance imaging method for measuring functional cerebral blood volume changes at 7 Tesla. Master, 133 pp. (2011)
Thesis - Master
Roswandowitz, C.: Voice recognition in patients with right temporal lobe lesions. Master, Martin Luther University, Halle-Wittenberg, Germany (2011)
Thesis - Master
Lorenz, K.: Nuclear magnetic resonance imaging using arterial blood-nulling for quantification of human cerebral blood volume. Master, Universität Leipzig, Leipzig (2011)
Thesis - Master
Stuke, K.: Functional connectivity between voice- and face-sensitive cortices in human communication. Master, 48 pp., University of Veterinary Medicine, Hannover (2011)
Thesis - Master
Harding, E.: Neural correlates of music and action: an electrophysiological and behavioral study. Master, University of Potsdam (2010)

Thesis - Magister (1)

Thesis - Magister
Salomon, C.: Computational modeling of emerging beta-oscillations in the basal ganglia - A large-scale parameter space investigation. Magister, TU Ilmenau, Germany (2019)

Thesis - Bachelor (30)

Thesis - Bachelor
Bou-Vinals, L.: Redefining musician’s dystonia – How psychological factors contribute to a physiological disorder. Bachelor, University of Leipzig (2020)
Thesis - Bachelor
Schmidt, T.: Categorial fear conditioning - A meta-analysis and evidence from a replication study. Bachelor, University of Würzburg, Germany (2019)
Thesis - Bachelor
Hahn, M. N.: Perceived and physiologic stress in women with and without premenstrual dysphoric disorder across the menstrual cycle. Bachelor, Institute of Cognitive Science, Universität Osnabrück (2019)
Thesis - Bachelor
Topp, S.: Monitoring the immune response across the menstrual cycle in healthy young women. Bachelor, Cognitive Science, Universität Osnabrück (2019)
Thesis - Bachelor
Just, A. C.: Intentional prosody in German and Mandarin Chinese. Bachelor, University of Leipzig (2018)
Thesis - Bachelor
Ringer, H.: Structural connectivity for syntax-based planning of musical actions. Bachelor, University of Leipzig, Germany (2018)
Thesis - Bachelor
Schulze-Weddige, S.: Salivary cortisol as an indicator for hypothalamic- pituitary- adrenal- axis regulation in women with and without premenstrual dysphoric disorder. Bachelor, Institute of Cognitive Science, Universität Osnabrück (2018)
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