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Sun, C.; Schuman, E. M.: Logistics of neuronal protein turnover: Numbers and mechanisms. Mol Cell Neurosci 123, 103793 (2022)
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Klimek, R.; Kaiser, C.; Murmann, N. S.; Kaltenschnee, N.; Spanò, T.; Wachtveitl, J.; Schuman, E. M.; Heckel, A.: RNA probes for visualization of sarcin/ricin loop depurination without background fluorescence. Chem. Asian J., e20220107 (2022)
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Hain , D.; Gallego-Flores , T.; Klinkmann, M.; Macias, A.; Ciirdaeva, E.; Arends, A.; Thum, C.; Tushev, G.; Kretschmer, F.; Tosches, M. A. et al.; Laurent, G.: Molecular diversity and evolution of neuron types in the amniote brain. Science 377 (6610) (2022)
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Richter, L. M. A.; Gjorgjieva, J.: A circuit mechanism for independent modulation of excitatory and inhibitory firing rates after sensory deprivation. PNAS 119 (32), e2116895119 (2022)
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Schuman, E. M.: Neuroscience: Local protein sources drive memory. Curr. Biol. 32 (14), pp. R786 - R788 (2022)
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Loomba, S.; Straehle, J.; Gangadharan, V.; Heike, N.; Khalifa, A.; Motta, A.; Ju, N.; Sievers, M.; Gempt, J.; Meyer, H. S. et al.; Helmstaedter, M.: Connectomic comparison of mouse and human cortex. Science 377 (6602), eabo0924 (2022)
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Nassim-Assir, B.; Corredera, D. O.; Alvarez-Pardo, R.; Dieck, S. T.; Ciirdaeva, E.; Schuman, E. M.; Alvarez-Castelao, B.: Cell-type Specific Protein Purification and Identification from Complex Tissues using a Mutant Methionine tRNA Synthetase Mouse Line. J. Vis. Exp. 182 (2022)
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Bégay, V.; Cirovic, B.; Barker, A. J.; Klopfleisch, R.; Hart, D. W.; Bennett, N. C.; Lewin, G. R.: Immune competence and spleen size scale with colony status in the naked mole-rat. Open Biol 12 (4), 210292 (2022)
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Bergs, A.; Henss, T.; Glock, C.; Nagpal, J.; Gottschalk, A.: Microbial Rhodopsin Optogenetic Tools: Application for Analyses of Synaptic Transmission and of Neuronal Network Activity in Behavior. Methods Mol. Biol. 2468, pp. 89 - 115 (2022)
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Gemmer, A.; Mirkes, K.; Anneser, L.; Eilers, T.; Kibat, C.; Mathuru, A.; Ryu, S.; Schuman, E. M.: Oxytocin receptors influence the development and maintenance of social behavior in zebrafish (Danio rerio). Sci. Rep. 12, 4322 (2022)
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Seidel, M.; Becker, A.; Pereira, F.; Landry, J. J. M.; de Azevedo, N. T. D.; Fusco, C. M.; Kaindl, E.; Romanov, N.; Baumbach, J.; Langer, J. D. et al.; Schuman, E. M.; Patil, K. R.; Hummer, G.; Benes, V.; Beck, M.: Co-translational assembly orchestrates competing biogenesis pathways. Nat. Commun. 13 (1224) (2022)
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Anneser , L.; Gemmer, A.; Eilers, T.; Alcantara, I. C.; Loos, A.-Y.; Ryu, S.; Schuman, E. M.: The neuropeptide Pth2 modulates social behavior and anxiety in zebrafish. iScience 25 (3), 103868 (2022)
Journal Article
Perez , J.; Schuman, E. M.: Subcellular RNA-seq for the Analysis of the Dendritic and Somatic Transcriptomes of Single Neurons. Bio Protocol 12 (1), e4278 (2022)

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Farris, S.; Hacisuleyman, E.; Donlin-Asp, P.; Cioni, J.-M.: Editorial: RNA Localization and Localized Translation in Neurons. Front Integr Neurosci 15, 831038 (2022)

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Review Article
Wu , Y. K.; Miehl , C.; Gjorgjieva, J.: Regulation of circuit organization and function through inhibitory synaptic plasticity. (2022)
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