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Journal Article
Wu, S. K.; Priya, R.: Spatio-Temporal Regulation of RhoGTPases Signaling by Myosin II. FRONTIERS IN CELL AND DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY 7, UNSP 90 (2019)
Journal Article
Yang, L.; Joseph, S.; Sun, T.; Hoffmann, J.; Thevissen, S.; Offermanns, S.; Strilic, B.: TAK1 regulates endothelial cell necroptosis and tumor metastasis. CELL DEATH AND DIFFERENTIATION 26 (10), pp. 1987 - 1997 (2019)
Journal Article
Yekelchyk, M.; Guenther, S.; Preussner, J.; Braun, T.: Mono- and multi-nucleated ventricular cardiomyocytes constitute a transcriptionally homogenous cell population. BASIC RESEARCH IN CARDIOLOGY 114 (5), 36 (2019)
Journal Article
Yin, W.; Kim, H.-T.; Wang, S.; Gunawan, F.; Li, R.; Buettner, C.; Grohmann, B.; Sengle, G.; Sinner, D.; Offermanns, S. et al.; Stainier, D. Y. R.: Fibrillin-2 is a key mediator of smooth muscle extracellular matrix homeostasis during mouse tracheal tubulogenesis. EUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL 53 (3), 1800840 (2019)
Journal Article
Yu, F.; Hubrack, S. Z.; Chakraborty, S.; Sun, L.; Alcantara-Adap, E.; Kulkarni, R.; Billing, A. M.; Graumann, J.; Taylor, C. W.; Machaca, K.: Remodeling of ER-plasma membrane contact sites but not STIM1 phosphorylation inhibits Ca2+ influx in mitosis. PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 116 (21), pp. 10392 - 10401 (2019)
Journal Article
Zhang, L.; Noguchi, Y.-t.; Nakayama, H.; Kaji, T.; Tsujikawa, K.; Ikemoto-Uezumi, M.; Uezumi, A.; Okada, Y.; Doi, T.; Watanabe, S. et al.; Braun, T.; Fujio, Y.; Fukada, S.-i.: The CalcR-PKA-Yap1 Axis Is Critical for Maintaining Quiescence in Muscle Stem Cells. CELL REPORTS 29 (8), pp. 2154 - + (2019)
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