Book Chapter (1)

Book Chapter
Streeck, W.: Nichts sehen, nichts hören, nichts sagen: Die extreme Mitte als Klassenbasis des gescheiterten Konsolidierungsstaats. In: Die extreme Mitte: Wer die westliche Welt beherrscht: Eine Warnung, pp. 43 - 61. Promedia, Wien (2020)

Talk (2)

Lynch, J.: Regimes of Inequality: The Political Economy of Health and Wealth. Öffentlicher Vortrag am MPIfG, Köln (2020)
Thompson, H.: Brexit: Causes, Consequences, and Implications for Europe. Öffentlicher Vortrag am MPIfG, Köln (2020)

Thesis - PhD (4)

Thesis - PhD
Einhorn, L.: Food, Classed? Social Inequality and Diet: Understanding Stratified Meat Consumption Patterns in Germany. Dissertation, 166 pp., University of Cologne, Cologne (2020)
Thesis - PhD
Gushchina, K.: Women's Political Representation in East-European Post-Communist and Post-Soviet Countries: Macro- and Micro-Level Analysis of the Factors of Election to the National and Regional Legislatures. Dissertation, x, 177 pp., University of Cologne, Cologne (2020)
Thesis - PhD
Marktanner, A.: Vom Verbände- zum Beraterstaat? Unternehmensberater in der öffentlichen Verwaltung der Bundesrepublik, 1945 bis 2003. Dissertation, 324 pp., University of Cologne, Cologne (2020)
Thesis - PhD
Moreno, G.: Working Fictions of Money: The Making of Currency (Dis)Trust in Argentina (1880-2020). Dissertation, ix, 255 pp., University of Cologne, Cologne (2020)

Working Paper (24)

Working Paper
Leendertz, A.: Wissenschaftler auf Zeit: Die Durchsetzung der Personalpolitik der Befristung in der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft seit den 1970er-Jahren. MPIfG Discussion Paper 20/15 (2020), IV, 35 pp.
Working Paper
Kalaitzake, M.: Resilience or Relocation? Expectations and Reality in the City of London since the Brexit Referendum. MPIfG Discussion Paper 20/14 (2020), IV, 30 pp.
Working Paper
Dukes, R.; Streeck, W.: From Industrial Citizenship to Private Ordering? Contract, Status, and the Question of Consent. MPIfG Discussion Paper 20/13 (2020), IV, 35 pp.
Working Paper
Bulfone, F.: The Political Economy of Industrial Policy in the European Union. MPIfG Discussion Paper 20/12 (2020), IV, 25 pp.
Working Paper
Schiller-Merkens, S.: Scaling Up Alternatives to Capitalism: A Social Movement Approach to Alternative Organizing (in) the Economy. MPIfG Discussion Paper 20/11 (2020), IV, 29 pp.
Working Paper
Baccaro, L.; Bremer, B.; Neimanns, E.: Is the Euro up for Grabs? Evidence from a Survey Experiment. MPIfG Discussion Paper 20/10 (2020), IV, 21 pp.
Working Paper
Baccaro, L.; D'Antoni, M.: Has the “External Constraint” Contributed to Italy’s Stagnation? A Critical Event Analysis. MPIfG Discussion Paper 20/9 (2020), IV, 37 pp.
Working Paper
Rothstein, S. A.: Toward a Discursive Approach to Growth Models: Social Blocs in the Politics of Digital Transformation. MPIfG Discussion Paper 20/8 (2020), IV, 24 pp.
Working Paper
Mayntz, R.: Causal Mechanism and Explanation in Social Science. MPIfG Discussion Paper 20/7 (2020), IV, 8 pp.
Working Paper
Beckmann, P.; Fulda, B.; Kohl, S.: Housing and Voting in Germany: Multi-Level Evidence for the Association between House Prices and Housing Tenure and Party Outcomes, 1980–2017. MPIfG Discussion Paper 20/6 (2020), IV, 24 pp.
Working Paper
Ferguson-Cradler, G.: Ownership in the Electricity Market: Property, the Firm, and the Climate Crisis. MPIfG Discussion Paper 20/5 (2020), IV, 41 pp.
Working Paper
Benassi, C.; Durazzi, N.; Fortwengel, J.: Not All Firms Are Created Equal: SMEs and Vocational Training in the UK, Italy, and Germany. MPIfG Discussion Paper 20/4 (2020), IV, 29 pp.
Working Paper
Bruinsma, B.; Gemenis, K.: Challenging the Manifesto Project Data Monopoly: Estimating Parties’ Policy Position Time-Series Using Expert and Mass Survey Data. Academia (2020), 21, 4, 12, 3, 8 pp.
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