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Rigoni, C.: Honour-based violence and forced marriages: community and restorative practices in Europe. Routledge, Abingdon (2023), viii, 275 pp.

Contribution to a Collected edition (3)

Contribution to a Collected edition
Billis, E.: AI in Criminal Justice: Strengthening or Challenging the Rule of Law. In: EU Law in the Digital Age (Eds. Mitsilegas, V.; Bergström, M.). Hart Publishing, Oxford (submitted)
Contribution to a Collected edition
Hirsch, P.-A.: Legal Coercion as a Moral Problem? Kant on the Enforcement of Rights and the Limits of Autonomy. In: Law and Morality in Kant (Eds. Brecher, M.; Hirsch, P.-A.). Cambridge University Press, Cambridge (submitted)
Contribution to a Collected edition
Rinceanu, J.: Romania. In: Elgar Encyclopedia of Crime and Criminal Justice (Eds. Caeiro, P.; Gless, S.; Mitsilegas, V.; Costa João, M.; De Snaijer, J. et al.). Edward Elgar Publishing (submitted)

Collected Edition (1)

Collected Edition
Brecher, M.; Hirsch, P.-A. (Eds.): Law and Morality in Kant. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge (submitted)
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