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Jin, X.; Li, Z.; Wu, T.; Wang, Y.; Cheng, Y.; Su, T.; Wei, J.; Ren, R.; Wu, H.; Li, S. et al.; Zhang, D.; Cribb, M.: The different sensitivities of aerosol optical properties to particle concentration, humidity, and hygroscopicity between the surface level and the upper boundary layer in Guangzhou, China. Science of the Total Environment 803, 150010 (2022)
Moran, X. A. G.; Garcia, F. C.; Rostad, A.; Silva, L.; Al-Otaibi, N.; Irigoien, X.; Calleja, M. L.: Diel dynamics of dissolved organic matter and heterotrophic prokaryotes reveal enhanced growth at the ocean's mesopelagic fish layer during daytime. Science of the Total Environment 804, 150098 (2022)
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