Research report 2017 - Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz - Max Planck Institute

Pompeii Arch&Lab – Restoration Archive and Exposition Laboratory

Cianciolo Cosentino, Gabriella; Wolf, Gerhard
Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz - Max-Planck-Institut, Florenz, Italien; Abteilung Gerhard Wolf, in Kooperation mit dem Fraunhofer-Institut für Bauphysik (München/Holzkirchen)
This interdisciplinary project of the Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz investigates from both a technological and a historical-cultural perspective the complex modern history of the archaeological site of Pompeii, its restorations and its musealization. Combining the expertise of the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics in Holzkirchen (Munich) and the Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz, the main aim of this project is to contribute to a more profound understanding of cultural heritage issues and to the development of sustainable methods for the conservation of monumental heritage.

For the full text, see the German version.

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