Research report 2017 - Max Planck Institute for Terrestrial Microbiology

The key enzymes of biological methane formation

Shima, Seigo
Arbeitsgruppe Microbial Protein Structure
Methane is an end product of anaerobic degradation of organic materials and is a potent greenhouse gas. Roughly, half of the world-wide methane emission is biologically performed by methanogenic archaea. We are interested in the enzymes involved in hydrogenotrophic methanogenesis. Here, we report on the crystal structure of the formyl-methanofuran dehydrogenase (Fwd) and heterodisulfide-reductase/hydrogenase complexes (Hdr/Mvh). These enzyme complexes are involved in the sequential reactions of ferredoxin reduction and CO2-reduction/fixation within the methanogenic pathway.

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