Publications 2014

Bluhm, T.; Heimann, P.; Hennig, C.; Kühner, G.; Kroiss, H.; Krom, J.; Laqua, H.; Lewerentz, M.; Maier, J.; Riemann, J.; Schacht, J.; Spring, A.; Werner, A.; Zilker, M.;
Wendelstein 7-X's CoDaStation: A modular application for scientfic data acquisition. Fusion Engineering and Design 89 (5), 658-662 (2014)
Dannert, T.; Marek, A.; Rampp, M.;
Porting Large HPC Applications to GPU Clusters: The Codes GENE and VERTEX. Parallel Computing: Accelerating Computational Science and Engineering (CSE) 25, 305-314 (2014)
Marek, A.; Blum, V.; Johanni, R.; Havu, V.; Lang, B.; Auckenthaler, T.; Heinecke, A.; Bungartz, H.-J.; Lederer, H.;
The ELPA library: scalable parallel eigenvalue solutions for electronic structure theory and computational science. Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 26, (2014)
Marek, A.; Rampp, M.; Hanke, F.; Janka, H.-T.;
Towards Petaflops Capability of the VERTEX Supernova Code. Parallel Computing: Accelerating Computational Science and Engineering (CSE), 712-721 (2014)
Pflüger, D.; Bungartz, H.-J.; Griebel, M.; Jenko, F.; Dannert, T.; Heene, M.; Kowitz, C.; Parra-Hinojosa, A.; Zaspel, P.;
EXAHD: An Exa-scalable Two-Level Sparse Grid Approach for Higher-Dimensional Problems in Plasma Physics and Beyond. Euro-Par 2014: Parallel Processing Workshops, 565-576 (2014)
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