Publications 2019

Journal Article

  1. Nishimura, T.; Gecht, M.; Covino, R.; Hummer, G.; Surma, M. A.; Klose, C.; Arai, H.; Kono, N.; Stefan, C. J.: Osh Proteins Control Nanoscale Lipid Organization Necessary for PI(4,5)P2 Synthesis. Molecular Cell 75 (4) (2019)
  2. Bahrami, A.; Bahrami, A. H.: Vesicle constriction by rings of Janus nanoparticles and aggregates of curved proteins. Nanotechnology 30 (34), 345101 (2019)
  3. Hofmann, S.; Januliene, D.; Mehdipour, A. R.; Thomas, C.; Stefan, E.; Brüchert, S.; Kuhn, B. T.; Geertsma, E. R.; Hummer, G.; Tampé, R. et al.; Möller, A.: Conformation space of a heterodimeric ABC exporter under turnover conditions. Nature 571 (7766), pp. 580 - 583 (2019)
  4. Faelber, K.; Dietrich, L.; Noel, J. K.; Wollweber, F.; Pfitzner, A.-K.; Mühleip, A.; Sánchez, R.; Kudryashev, M.; Chiaruttini, N.; Lilie, H. et al.; Schlegel, J.; Rosenbaum, E.; Hessenberger, M.; Matthaeus, C.; Kunz, S.; von der Malsburg, A.; Noè, F.; Roux, A.; van der Laan, M.; Kühlbrandt, W.; Daumke, O.: Structure and assembly of the mitochondrial membrane remodelling GTPase Mgm1. Nature 571 (2019)
  5. Ochoa, R.; Laio, A.; Cossio, P.: Predicting the Affinity of Peptides to Major Histocompatibility Complex Class II by Scoring Molecular Dynamics Simulations. Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling (2019)
  6. Bausewein, T.; Nussberger, S.; Kühlbrandt, W.: Cryo-EM structure of Neurospora crassa respiratory complex IV. IUCrJ 6 (4) (2019)
  7. Timcenko, M.; Lyons, J. A.; Januliene, D.; Ulstrup, J. J.; Dieudonné, T.; Montigny, C.; Ash, M.-R.; Karlsen, J. L.; Boesen, T.; Kühlbrandt, W. et al.; Lenoir, G.; Möller, A.; Nissen, P.: Structure and autoregulation of a P4-ATPase lipid flippase. Nature (2019)
  8. Scherr, J.; Neuhaus, A.; Parey, K.; Klusch, N.; Murphy, B. J.; Zickermann, V.; Kühlbrandt, W.; Terfort, A.; Rhinow, D.: Noncovalent Functionalization of Carbon Substrates with Hydrogels Improves Structural Analysis of Vitrified Proteins by Electron Cryo-Microscopy. ACS Nano 13 (6), pp. 7185 - 7190 (2019)
  9. Murphy, B. J.; Klusch, N.; Langer, J. D.; Mills, D.; Yildiz, Ö.; Kühlbrandt, W.: Rotary substates of mitochondrial ATP synthase reveal the basis of flexible F1-Fo coupling. Science 364 (6446) (2019)
  10. Zakrzewska, S.; Mehdipour, A. R.; Malviya, V. N.; Nonaka, T.; Koepke, J.; Muenke, C.; Hausner, W.; Hummer, G.; Safarian, S.; Michel, H.: Inward-facing conformation of a multidrug resistance MATE family transporter. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 116 (25), pp. 12275 - 12284 (2019)
  11. Vögele, M.; Bhaskara, R.; Mulvihill, E.; van Pee, K.; Yildiz, Ö.; Kühlbrandt, W.; Müller, D. J.; Hummer, G.: Membrane perforation by the pore-forming toxin pneumolysin. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (2019)
  12. Langebeck-Jensen, K.; Shahar, O. D.; Schuman, E. M.; Langer, J. D.; Soojin, R.: Larval Zebrafish Proteome Regulation in Response to an Environmental Challenge. Proteomics 19 (14) (2019)
  13. Yilmaz, I.; Yildiz, Ö.; Korkmaz, F.: Structural properties of an engineered outer membrane protein G mutant, OmpG-16SL, investigated with infrared spectroscopy. Journal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics (2019)
  14. Huang, G.; Wagner, T.; Wodrich, M. D.; Ataka, K.; Bill, E.; Ermler, U.; Hu, X.; Shima, S.: The atomic-resolution crystal structure of activated [Fe]-hydrogenase. Nature Catalysis 2 (6), pp. 537 - 543 (2019)
  15. Singh, S.; Akhter, M. S.; Dodt, J.; Volkers, P.; Reuter, A.; Reinhart, C.; Krettler, C.; Oldenburg, J.; Biswas, A.: Identification of Potential Novel Interacting Partners for Coagulation Factor XIII B (FXIII-B) Subunit, a Protein Associated with a Rare Bleeding Disorder. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 20 (11) (2019)
  16. Bhaskara, R.; Grumati, P.; Garcia-Pardo, J.; Kalayil, S.; Covarrubias-Pinto, A.; Chen, W.; Kudryashev, M.; Đikić, I.; Hummer, G.: Curvature induction and membrane remodeling by FAM134B reticulon homology domain assist selective ER-phagy. Nature Communications 10 (2019)
  17. Vögele, M.; Köfinger, J.; Hummer, G.: Finite-Size-Corrected Rotational Diffusion Coefficients of Membrane Proteins and Carbon Nanotubes from Molecular Dynamics Simulations. The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 123 (2019)
  18. Holzer, K.; Ori, A.; Cooke, A.; Dauch, D.; Drucker, E.; Riemenschneider, P.; Andres-Pons, A.; DiGuilio, A. L.; Mackmull, M.-T.; Baßler, J. et al.; Roessler, S.; Breuhahn, K.; Zender, L.; Glavy, J. S.; Dombrowski, F.; Hurt, E.; Schirmacher, P.; Beck, M.; Singer, S.: Nucleoporin Nup155 is part of the p53 network in liver cancer. Nature Communications 10 (2019)
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  20. von Bülow, S.; Siggel, M.; Linke, M.; Hummer, G.: Dynamic cluster formation determines viscosity and diffusion in dense protein solutions. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 116 (20), pp. 9843 - 9852 (2019)
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