Publications 2019

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  1. Kraus, M.; Diao, Z.; Weishaupt, K.; Spatz, J. P.; Täschner, K.; Bartzsch, H.; Schmittgens, R.; Brunner, R.: Combined ‘moth-eye’ structured and graded index-layer anti-reflecting coating for high index glasses. Optics Express 27 (24), pp. 34656 - 34664 (2019)
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  4. Maier, M. S.; Hüll, K.; Reynders, M.; Matsuura, B. S.; Leippe, P.; Ko, T.; Schäffer, L.; Trauner, D.: An oxidative approach enables efficient access to cyclic azobenzenes. Journal of the American Chemical Society (2019)
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  6. Akram, M.; Reimann, J.; Dietl, A.; Menzel, A.; Versantvoort, W.; Kartal, B.; Jetten, M. S.M.; Barends, T.: A nitric oxide-binding heterodimeric cytochrome c complex from the anammox bacterium Kuenenia stuttgartiensis binds to hydrazine synthase. The Journal of Biological Chemistry e-pup (788), pp. 1 - 29 (2019)
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  11. Grützmacher, S.; Kemkemer, R.; Curio, C.: Using Deep Correlation Features to define the Meta Style of Cell Images for Classification. Current Directions in Biomedical Engineering 5 (1), pp. 227 - 230 (2019)
  12. Kemkemer, R.; Zenghao, Z.; Linxiao, Y.; Athanasopulu, K.; Frey, K.; Cui, Z.; Su, H.; Luo, L.: Surface modification of Polydimethylsiloxane by hydrogels for microfluidic applications. Current Directions in Biomedical Engineering 5 (1), pp. 93 - 96 (2019)
  13. Peleh, T.; Eltokhi, A.; Pitzer, C.: Longitudinal analysis of ultrasonic vocalizations in mice from infancy to adolescence: Insights into the vocal repertoire of three wild-type strains in two different social contexts. PLoS One 14 (7) (2019)
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  15. Frahm , L.; Keller-Findeisen , J.; Alt , P.; Schnorrenberg , S.; Ruiz , M. d. Á.; Aspelmeier , T.; Munk , A.; Jakobs , S.; Hell, S. W.: Molecular contribution function in RESOLFT nanoscopy. Optics Express 27 (15), pp. 21956 - 21987 (2019)
  16. Nass Kovács, G.; Colletier, J.-P.; Grünbein, M. L.; Yang, Y.; Stensitzki, T.; Batyuk, A.; Carbajo, A.; Doak, R. B.; Ehrenberg, D.; Foucar, L. et al.; Gasper, R.; Gorel, A.; Hilpert, M.; Kloos, M.; Koglin, J. E.; Reinstein, J.; Roome, C. M.; Schlesinger, R.; Seaberg, M.; Shoeman, R. L.; Stricker, M.; Boutet, S.; Haacke , S.; Heberle, J.; Heyne, K.; Domratcheva, T.; Barends, T. R.M.; Schlichting, I.: Three-dimensional view of ultrafast dynamics in photoexcited bacteriorhodopsin. Nature Communications Accepted, pp. 1 - 43 (2019)
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  19. Berjón‐Otero, M.; Koslová, A.; Fischer, M.: The dual lifestyle of genome‐integrating virophages in protists. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 1447 (1), pp. 97 - 109 (2019)
  20. Hasan, M. T.; Althammer, F.; da Gouveia , M. S.; Goyon , S.; Eliava, M.; Lefevre , A.; Kerspern , D.; Schimmer , J.; Raftogianni, A.; Wahis , J. et al.; Knobloch, S.; Tang , Y.; Liu , X.; Jain, A.; Chavant , V.; Goumon , Y.; Weislogel , J.-M.; Hurlemann , R.; Herpertz , S. C.; Pitzer , C.; Darbon , P.; Dogbevia, G.; Bertocchi, I.; Larkum, M. E.; Sprengel, R.; Bading , H.; Charlet , A.; Grinevich, V.: A fear memory engram and its plasticity in the hypothalamic oxytocin system. Neuron (2019)
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